School Wrestling Story

Matt and his buddies Sean and JT were loving every minute of their senior year in high school. Not only were they the most popular jocks in school, they were also the school's top wrestlers. Matt was the state champion in the 150 lb. weight class. He had never lost a match since wrestling on the varsity team and he was getting to the point where he felt invincible. Matt and his pals also came from wealthy families. They wore the nicest clothes. They were given the hottest sports cars on their 16th birthdays and their college educations were already paid for. Matt, Sean, and JT ruled their school and everyone knew it. One thing the trio did not like was outsiders. A recent new arrival to the school was a guy simply known as Spider. He was called that because he was as quiet as a spider on the wall. Spider represented everything that Matt despised. Matt was preppy, wealthy, athletic, and had a steady girlfriend. Spider sported a shaved head, did not participate in sports, and did not come from a family with money.

One afternoon during lunch, Matt noticed that Spider was eating his lunch alone. Matt, Sean, and JT approached Spider and asked him, "What is up with you, freak? Are you some type of faggot or something with that fucked up haircut?"

Anger burned inside of Spider but he remained quiet. JT said, "Ah, I think we hurt little Spider's feelings."

Matt then replied, "Yeah, the little baby looks like he is gonna cry."

Suddenly Spider jumped up and shoved Matt who was the closest to him.

"Why don't you assholes just leave me alone? I don't want anything to do with you guys."

"You've got some nerve pushing me faggot!" shouted Matt.

"I'm not the faggot. Everyone knows that you wrestlers are the real homos at this school." smirked Spider.

Suddenly, the three wrestlers rushed towards Spider but before a huge fight broke out Matt stopped everyone.

"Tell you what Spider. We're not gonna kick your ass here. But tonight after wrestling practice, I am gonna punish you like you've never been punished before!" Matt said.

"You want to wrestle me? One on one without your goons interfering?" asked Spider.

"Yeah. Just you and me. No holds barred. We wrestle till one man submits. Are you man enough to wrestle the state champ?" asked Matt.

"Oh, I'm more than man enough. Not only will I beat you Champ; I am gonna humiliate you in front of the entire wrestling team!"

With that comment, Spider sat down and finished his lunch acting as if this were going to be just another regular school day.

Later that evening, Spider returned to the school. Wrestling practice had recently ended. The coaches had gone home and about 15 wrestlers gathered in a grassy area outside the school. Spider approached the group nervously.

"So what is this? Am I expected to wrestle all of you at once?" Spider asked.

"You only have to wrestle me." Matt said with confidence.

The wrestlers cheered Matt has he took off his shirt, now only wearing wrestling shoes, a jock, and a pair of Umbro shorts. Matt flexed his muscles, and his six pack of abs looked extremely cut under the light shining from the full moon. The crowd grew silent as Spider removed his baggy t-shirt. Under his numerous tatoos, Spider also revealed a well defined muscular body which really caught everyone by surprise. Spider now clad in an old pair of jeans and millitary boots approached Matt.

The two teens from opposite sides of the track locked up collar and elbow. Matt ducked under Spider's right arm and was instantly behind his opponent. Matt reached around Spider's waist, lifted him into the air, and threw him to the ground. Spider was now on his stomach with Matt riding on top of him. Matt applied a full nelson as Spider struggled to get on his knees. Shocking everyone, Spider found the strength to rise to his feet while still trapped in the full nelson. Matt gave the nelson all that he had. He also threw all of his weight onto Spider as he started riding Spider piggy back.

Sean, JT and the other wrestlers were shouting, "Look at Matt ride the faggot. Come on, Matt. Make the homo submit!"

Hearing himself being called gay by the group of spectators gave Spider a burst of energy which enabled him to bend forward and to flip Matt off of him onto the ground. With Matt on his back , Spider splashed onto him with an elbow in the gut. Spider stood up again and this time placed a kick that landed right on Matt's crotch.

Sean shouted, "What kind of wrestling is that?"

Spider quickly replied, "Its called no holds barred and I am a master at it. Fuck wrestling with rules. If I am gonna tie up with another guy, I plan on hurting him, not pinning him!"

During the brief moment that Spider was distracted, Matt took the opportunity to grab Spider's foot causing Spider to trip to the ground. Matt was again on top of Spider, wrapping his leg's around his opponent in a grapevine. Even though he was wearing jeans, Spider was sure he could feel Matt getting a hard on. Matt continued grinding his crotch into Spider's backside while the grapevine was causing severe discomfort to Spider. Eventually, Spider broke free and was able to get Matt on his back. Spider began throwing a series of punches to Matt's midsection, with each punch aiming lower than the previous one. Right as Spider smashed his fist into Matt's balls, Matt wrapped his muscular legs around Spider's waist. Even with the pain in his balls, Matt was able to equally punish Spider with his breath taking leg scissors. Spider, struggling for air, was able to stand up with Matt's legs still around his waist. Instinctively, Spider postioned Matt onto his stomach while the scissors were still painfully intact. Spider next grabbed at the legs entrapping him and started to apply a Boston Crab. As Matt realized what was happening he released the scissor hold, but could not get his legs away from Spider's grip. Spider tucked Matt's ankles under his armpits and sat down on Matt's back. Matt screamed out in pain! He had never imagined what torture this hold could give to the person trapped in it. Matt tried to push himself up with his arms but was quickly weakening. With Spider's weight on his back, Matt could hardly breathe.

JT shouted, "Jeez! Matt's feet are almost touching the back of his own head!"

One of the wrestlers in the group started to rush over to help Matt but Sean stopped the wrestler.

"Matt can handle this punk himself." Sean said.

But Matt was having a hard time handling Spider. He had now been trapped in the Boston Crab for a full 2 minutes and was totally finished. During this time Matt screamed in agony but would not submit. Spider realized that this was the perfect opportunity to humiliate Matt but first he wanted to torture Matt a little more.

"Give me your arms, punk or I am gonna break your back!" Spider commanded to his helpless opponent.

Matt submissively reached back with his two arms. Now, with his weakend legs tucked under Spider's pits, Spider carefully manuevered Matt's arms into his grip. Now Matt was trapped in a combination Boston Crab and Surfboard. Tears actually flowed from Matt's eyes as Spider began rocking back and forth with his trapped victim. At this point, Matt's feet were actually touching the back of his own head! No one could believe the way this state champ wrestler was being tortured by a non wrestler that everyone thought was gay.

Spider was now bored with just punishing Matt. Now it was time for a little humiliation. Spider released Matt from the Crab and his body untangled causing him even more pain after spending over 5 minutes in such an unnatural position. With Matt almost out of it, Spider grabbed Matt by the hair and pulled him to his feet. But he did this only after he stripped Matt of his shorts and jock.

Again, one of the wrestlers started to rush in to Matt's aid but Sean stopped him.

"Let's see where this is going." Sean said.

Next, Spider proceded to lift the naked state champ onto his shoulders, placing him in a torture rack. With one hand over Matt's mouth, Spider placed his other hand around Matt's cock. Spider started jacking Matt and Matt tried protesting but could not be understood with his mouth hand gagged.

"My God, he's enjoying this!" JT exclaimed as his best friend was starting to get a hard on while Spider continued his work.

Spider paraded around the crowd of wrestlers with Matt still on his shoulders, naked and with a full erection.

"I thought Spider was the gay one here but it looks like Matt is the real homo." one wrestler stated.

Totally disgusted many of the wrestlers turned away, abandoning their state champ. One wrestler (who never really cared for Matt) had been taking photos all along of the match and knew they would look great on the internet.

Spider continued his pleasure and pain torture rack on Matt. Releasing his hand from Matt's mouth, Matt shouted, "Please stop! My back! You're killing me!"

"Do you submit, champ?" Spider yelled.

"YES! I SUBMIT!" Matt screamed as he shot his load all over Spider's hand.

Spider, with a look of satisfaction on his face lowered Matt to the ground after wiping his cum covered hand across Matt's mouth. JT walked away with the rest of the wrestlers who could not stand to see Matt in the defeated condition that he was in. Sean was the only wrestler that stayed around to help Matt.

The morning following the squash job of Matt, Spider once again was sitting alone at one of the many tables in his high school's lunchroom. Word spread quickly around the school of the way Spider put Matt in his place. Of course, sometimes the truth gets twisted. By noon of that day, most people were saying that Spider had somehow drugged Matt during the match with the prick of a needle. This is why Matt was not at his best and could not help it when he developed an erection while being destroyed by trash like Spider. Of course everyone was still saying that Spider was gay since he was the one to put his hands on Matt's cock and balls.

Matt didn't make it to school the day after his fight. He had to pay a visit to a chiropractic physician. This really angered Matt's wrestling coaches. There was no way that the state's top wrestler could miss the upcoming weekend's meet. Especially angry was Asst. Coach Joe Mason. Joe wasn't really a coach. He wasn't even employed by the school. Joe was a former wrestler at the school but a year after graduation Joe was in some freak accident at his construction job which ended up with him living off of disability income. Now that he didn't have to work, Joe had plenty of free time to hang out at his old high school and to assist with the coaching of the wrestling team. Wrestlers Sean and JT overheard Coach Joe saying, "Someone really needs to teach that outsider a lesson. No one injures one of my wrestlers without paying for it!"

Tension between Sean and JT was apparent to everyone that day. JT accused Sean of not being loyal to Matt. Sean replied that last night's fight was between Matt and Spider. Not between Spider and the entire wrestling team. "Well that dude does need to be taught a lesson. No one can push Matt around and get away with it." said JT.

"Matt lost a fight. So what? It happens to the best of us." replied Sean.

JT said, "We wrestlers rule this school, dude. When one of us goes down, it's time for hell to break loose!"

JT walked away and headed towards Coach Mason to have a discussion with him.

Later that day Sean met up with Spider.

"Hey, can we talk?" asked Sean.

"You want to fight me now?" replied Spider.

"No. I just wanted to tell you that I was impressed with your fighting skills last night. I am also sorry that I have treated you like an asshole in the past."

"Look dude, don't think I am gonna be your friend now. I have a lot on my mind like tonight."

"Tonight. What happens tonight?" asked Sean.

"Your fucking wrestling coach Joe has challenged me to a fight! We are fighting in the gym tonight. No spectators allowed. It's too bad though. I wouldn't mind defeating that old man in front of a crowd."

"Coach Mason is only 24." Sean replied.

"Like I said, he's an old man!" Spider said as he patted Sean on the back and walked away.

Spider and Coach Mason met on the wrestling mat in the center of the school's gym. Coach Mason (age 24) stood 5' 10" and weighed 175 lbs. The former high school wrestler had definately put on a few pounds since his days of wrestling. Plus, with his disability (a steel plate or two in his skull) he rarely worked out. He couldn't be seen working out in a gym if he wanted people to believe he was unable to work a real job. Coach Mason was wearing his old school wrestling singlet, which was definately a tight fit.

18 year old Spider, 6'1" and 158 lbs, stood before the coach wearing nothing but his boots, an old jock strap, and several tatoos that covered his lean, cut teen body.

"What the fuck are you wearing boy? Put some clothes on if you want to wrestle me!" Coach Mason remarked.

"I ain't puttin' nothin' on since it's just you and me in here.
Besides, like this it's gonna be a lot easier to ram my 9 inches down your throat, cocksucker!" Spider said with confidence.

"So it's true. You are a little queer boy like everyone says."

"I wouldn't say that. I'm just feelin' horny right now and you're gonna provide me with a little release after I have you beggin' to suck my dick." Spider said.

"Not gonna happen. Now let's wrestle!" said the Coach.

The two bodies collided in the center of the mat. Coach Mason shot for a single leg takedown, but Spider sprawled out and quickly positioned himself behind Mason. With one hand on the coach's elbow and another on the coach's ankle, Spider drove his opponent flat to the ground. Spider straddled the coach's back and tried to apply a Camel Clutch. Coach Mason quickly rolled to his side throwing Spider off of him. On their knees, the wrestlers embraced in a bear hug. Spider used his speed to get his arms around the coach's chest before Coach Mason could do the same to Spider. The two men moved to their feet, with the bearhug remaining intact. Unfortunately, Spider's bearhug wasn't doing much damage to the coach. But, before he had a chance to release his grip, Coach Mason headbutted Spider! Spider momentarily saw stars and fell to the mat. He had completely forgotten about the steel in Coach Mason's head. Mason, who was tiring quickly used the moment to catch his breath as Spider came to his senses while his body was spread eagled on the mat.

Spider had underestimated the coach. He had expected the coach to wrestle by the rules. That obviously wasn't going to be the case. Spider, now on his knees saw Mason coming towards him. Spider threw a right hook and completely missed hitting the coach. Coach just laughed and applied a head lock onto Spider.

"What's the matter Spider baby? Got a little headache?"

"Ahhh!" moaned Spider as the coach continued crushing Spider's head.

Spider tried to pull himself to his feet. He clawed at the coach's singlet and felt a small hole in the singlet's material. Spider stuck a finger into the tear and ripped away at the singlet.

"You asshole! You've ruined my damn singlet!"

"And now I'm gonna ruin you!" shouted Spider as he slid out of the headlock and rammed his fist full force right into the coach's cock and balls.

Coach Mason fell to the mat and curled up into a fetal position clutching his family jewels. Spider kicked the downed coach several times with his steel toed boots. Spider then grabbed the coach's torn singlet and proceded to rip it off of the coach completly, leaving the coach wearing only a tight pair of white nylon speedos.

Next, Spider rolled the coach onto his back and positioned himself on the coach's chest. Spider ran his hand across the coach's hairy chest before applying a punishing pec claw. When Spider was sure that his grip would leave bruises on the coach, he reached behind himself and painfully squeezed the coach's balls. As the coach screamed, Spider moved upward on the coach's chest, planting the pouch of his jock into the coach's mouth.

"Mmmmotherffffuucker!" exclaimed the humiliated Coach Mason.

"Shut the fuck up! You love what's happening to you!" shouted Spider.

Spider removed his jock covered teen balls from Coach Mason's mouth and wrapped his muscular legs around the coach's head. Again, the humiliated coach's face was buried in the teen's crotch. Spider pulled his thick cock out of his sweaty jock and let it rest across the coach's face. The harder the coach struggled to escape the crotch to face head scissors, the more Spider's erection grew. Now at over 9 inches, Spider rammed his manhood into Coach Mason's mouth. Spider continued the torturous squeeze with his legs while also holding on to the coach's wrists to prevent any escape. Spider noticed that the coach's face was turning red from the squeeze and from a lack of oxygen. This turned Spider on even more. Right as Coach Mason passed out Spider erupted into the coach's mouth.

Spider stood up over the coach, who was dripping cum out of his mouth. Spider grabbed the remains of the coach's singlet and tied the coach's hands behind his back. Spider slapped the coach across the face a few times to wake him up.

"I hope you liked that as much as I did old man." Spider said with a smirk on his face.

Spider flexed his biceps for his beaten opponent to see then released a stream of piss all over the defeated coach's body. From his nearby gym bag, Spider pulled out a few items that made the coach panic. In addition to having his hands bound with his own singlet, the coach's piss covered speedos were stuffed into his own mouth and tied in place. Some rope was used to hog tie the coach and the coach was completely humiliated after Spider proceeded to shave his head totally bald. With a black marker, the word "loser" was written across the coach's forehead. Spider knew the school's cleaning crew would get a kick out of finding the coach like this later that night.

Slamming the gym door shut behind him, Spider felt good about the events that had taken place over the past two nights. He expected things at school to change for him. Maybe he would shock everyone and try to make a friend or two.

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