Sexfight Championship Of The World Story
By ar1st2cumloses Story

The 20,000-seat arena was filled to capacity for the big match. World champion cockfighter T.C. Renn was set to do sexual battle vs. #1 challenger Gray Longshore. Sexfighting or cockfighting has become the world�s most popular sport, and these two warriors stand at the top of the mountain. The crowd is roaring as the 2 men make their way to the pit to be oiled up for the match. Let�s go to the tale of the tape.
The challenger, Gray Longshore, is white, 24 years old, 5'11'', 185 pounds, with a smooth shaved 8'' long thick and juicy cock; he shaves his chest, sports a nice dark tan, his record is 25-2. The Champ, T.C. Renn, is black, 26 years old, 6'1'', 195 pounds, with a monster 10'' cock, neatly trimmed pubic area and a smooth chest. Renn is 35-0 as a professional cockfighter, and has won most of his matches within 10 minutes from the opening bell. Longshore will be in a white high-cut thong, while Renn will sport his traditional neon yellow French-cut bikini briefs. We are about ready to begin!

Both men have been oiled down by the corner girls and are standing in their corners eyeing each other hoping to gain some sort of psychological edge. Both Gray and Renn are only slightly erect, as they fight to contain the sexual energy pulsing through them in anticipation of ripping and stripping and doing everything possible to make their opponent shoot his load first. Gray has had some tough matches in his climb up the rankings, but has always managed to apply his famous "split pin" to finish the other guy in time to win. Renn has usually overpowered his foe and pinned them on their back while either jacking them off or rubbing his 10'' python dick into his opponent�s hard-on and forcing ejaculation first. This promised to be the most evenly matched battle either man has been in and victory would not come easy.

Both studs now meet in the center of the oily mat on their knees to begin the match. The crowd is going nuts rooting on their favorite sexfighter. There is the bell, and the men slide around each other cautiously, neither wants to be the first to be stripped of the thin cloth that provides some protection from the skin-on-skin friction that causes the huge bulges contained inside to slowly lengthen and grow into a full blown hard-on. The champ makes the first move lunging into Gray and wrapping up a bear hug. Both men grab the backs of each other�s briefs and pull them up into the ass of their opponent, trying to rip the thin cloth and draw first blood. Gray feels his thong starting to give and quickly tries to break away from the champ, but as he moves away Renn holds on, and a tug-o-war ensues. The crowd can feel the heat and roars its approval as Gray tries to rip his t-back from the grasp of the champ. The champ holds on and quickly slides in front of the white-boy locking his head between his muscled thighs and pulling the thong deep into Gray�s ass. Gray sinks to his stomach to try to escape, but it�s too late: the wedgie finally forces the white material to give way with a loud RRIIPP!! The crowd cheers at the sight of the now naked cockfighter as Renn waves the tiny garment over his head to the cheers before tossing it out of the pit. The challenger slides away to regroup and then realizes he has a 1/2 hard-on. The crowd sees it, too, and the cheers are deafening; they see the champ has gotten to the white muscle stud, and the champ has a big head start toward winning the match and retaining his crown. Renn taunts Gray, "Damn! You�re gettin' a boner, boy! You kinda liked that thong up yo� ass, didn't ya?" Gray knew Renn was on to his weakness! He loved having his ass played with; it was his sensitive spot, and he knew if Renn got the chance he was going to use it against him.

Gray acted on instinct: he rushed the champ and slid his hand to Renn's crotch trying to massage his cock to life. The sudden move caught Renn off guard and he was knocked over as Gray pulled the bikini to the side, freeing his 10" missile into the white boy�s waiting right hand. The champ�s head spun as Gray stroked, rubbed, pulled, and massaged his cock. The 10-incher was stirring. This had only happened a few times in the champ�s career. He was confused as he tried to battle back...

The crowd was shocked at the turn of events. Usually the champ had his opponent well under control by now, but this young white challenger was going to be different. Renn managed to slip out from under Gray and roll to his stomach trying to protect his hardening 10'' schlong. The muscle boy challenger grabbed Renn's yellow thong and began to rip it from TC's perfectly toned, shiny black body. The suit gave way and for the first time in his sex-wrestling career, the world champion was stripped nude in a bout in front of the capacity crowd. The momentum had shifted; the crowd began to actively support the underdog as he vied for the upset win. Gray knew he had better attack while the black champion was still weak and quickly tried to attack. Renn met Gray and the two locked up center mat in another bear hug.
The challenger could feel the lengthening 10'' cock against his own totally erect 8-incher (the work on Renn had excited him) and knew he had the champ on the run. But as the two sexfighters rubbed smooth chest to chest, thigh to thigh, and cock to cock, in the bear hug, Renn regained some composure and started to grind his monster dick into the white boy. Gray's breathing was getting heavier and the feelings in his groin were becoming more difficult to contain. Both fighters� heads were resting on their opponent�s shoulders, and Renn began to tongue the musclestud�s neck and earlobes while increasing the speed of his humping their cocks together between the six-pack abs of their stomachs.

Gray in desperation tried to go back on the attack, releasing the mutual beargrind and pulled up on Renn�s left leg, dumping the black stud on his back and pinning him with a full body press. Still cock-to-cock and chest-to-chest the champ could see the look in Longshore�s eyes, and it was a look of lust. The white boy was turned on! Even more than he was and the two hot cocks were still entwined between them. Renn pushed up with his legs, grinding the oily, slippery hard-ons against each other. The ebony hard body wasn't sure if he could take much more without shooting his load, but he could tell that the smooth young stud on top of him was closer to cumming all over himself than he was. Suddenly Gray tried to break away but Renn locks both ripped arms around the challenger and rolls them over. Now Gray is in big time trouble and he knows it!

The challenger begins to buck and squirm in an effort to escape the pin, but Renn is locked on tight and begins to furiously hump the white boys 8'' throbbing cock into submission! Gray cannot escape; his ass is now involuntarily humping up and down as he begins to lose all control. The champ senses the end is near and slips his right hand down Grays backside to his flexing muscled ass.

Gray�s eyes are half shut and he is powerless to stop the champ as he feels Renn�s strong fingers glide down his crack and begin to gently massage his asshole. "Give it up, boy!" Renn taunts. "You can't hold out! You know you wanna cum. Give it up to the champ! Cum on boy, let's see that thick and juicy 8'' cock shoot off!" The tip of Renn's black index finger begins to slide up Gray's tight asshole. This, coupled with the 10'' hard-on rubbing up and down the full length of his own throbbing dick, sends the challenger over the edge! Gray's body writhes and bucks with the intensity of his orgasm. It is the most intense of his life! The raw force of which catches the champ off guard and in trying to ride it out on top of the challenger, the champ�s monster black juicy dick begins to shoot load after load of hot cum all over Gray's rock hard abs.

Renn collapses and the two men lay in the middle of the mat as 20,000 screaming fans applaud the match of the century! The winner and still champion of the world: T.C. Renn!

Not by much, Gray says later; not by much.

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