Sex Wrestling Fighting Story

Derek paces the ring like a caged animal. His black singlet appears too small as it attempts to wrap around Derek�s muscular mass. He has anticipated this match for a couple of weeks now. Being a part-time employee of a gym gives him state of the art equipment to strengthen his toned, hard body as well as keys to lock up at night. He met his new opponent two weeks ago when Bill set up his gym membership. Although Bill was slightly smaller, Derek immediately noticed that this guy knew his way around the weight room. During the initial tour of the facility, Bill showed great interest in the ring. He confessed to Derek that while he had messed around with guys and �play� wrestled in backyards and dorm rooms, he never had experienced a genuine ring match. Derek offered the match for tonight after the gym closed and Bill jumped at the opportunity.

�Man, thanks again for meeting me tonight,� Bill starts as he comes out from the locker room wearing neon blue Speedos. His smooth muscular stature is tan and well defined. �This is going to be awesome!�


As Bill climbs up into the ring, he replies, �Well, I never had the chance to do this before. I enjoy watching wrestling on TV, and I always wanted to get in the ring at least once.�

Derek just leans back stretching against the ropes. �Oh, so now that you have this �dream� ring match, what are the stakes?�

�The stakes?�

�How do you want this match to go? Rules? Winner? Loser?�

�I guess I never gave that much thought� and Bill startles Derek by reaching into his trunks to adjust his ample sized pouch.

�Ok, a submission match,� Derek begins. �Best of three. Try to get your opponent to submit twice to be the winner.�

�And if you submit?�

Derek stands straight up and looks Bill directly in the eyes. As he flexes his biceps he chuckles, �Who says I�ll submit?�

Immediately, Bill rushes Derek, who automatically slips down to the mat and extends his right leg tripping Bill. While Bill lays prone facedown on the mat, Derek quickly rotates over his novice opponent. Hooking his arms from behind and lifting up Derek begins, �Here, let me help you up.� However, as he lifts from the front, he begins to sit down on Bill�s lower back. Derek arches Bill�s back till he is comfortably positioned in a camel clutch and Bill is gritting his teeth in distress. Derek locks Bill�s arms beneath his legs and cups Bill�s chin within his hands. Slowly he begins to pull back. After a few seconds he eases up on the hold only to let Bill rest for a moment before he prolongs the punishment by pulling back again. Each time he pulls back, he poses the same question, �Submit?�

Disgraced with being put in a hold so fast, Bill knows he has to maintain the torture. His back feels like it is on fire every time Derek wrenches backward. On the Derek�s seventh go, Bill buckles and whimpers out an embarrassing �Yes.� Derek quickly releases the hold and hops up clapping his hands. Bill lies on the mat for a moment then slowly rises to meet Derek�s grinning face.

�That�s one,� boasts Derek, as he saunters over to the ropes and begins pulling the top one to stretch out his massive shoulders and arms.

Infuriated with loosing the first match so quickly, Bill runs up behind Derek and grabs him in a rear nelson. Derek attempts to shift from side to side, but Bill locks his fingers behind Derek�s head securing his hold. As Derek strains and rocks, his ass rubs up against Bill�s crotch. This new position and strange sensation momentarily confuses Bill, but he quickly pushes Derek into the turnbuckle. Derek�s chest hits the turnbuckle hard and the impact sends out an odd metallic smack of muscle hitting padded cables. Bill swiftly runs up colliding Derek from behind. By pulling the top ropes, Bill slams himself repetitively into Derek�s back. Each impact brings fleeting contact between Derek�s ass and Bill�s hardening dick. With the last blow, Bill holds tight momentarily and presses his full weight against Derek. He takes notice to the heightened stir within his trunks and allows it to restore his confidence from the first match.

When the stunned Derek turns around, he is smacked in the chest with Bill�s strapping right arm. Without delay, Bill hops up on the lower ropes cornering Derek and proceeds to punch at his challenger�s upper shoulders. Derek leans in closer to Bill. As Bill moves his punches to Derek�s upper back, he is unaware that Derek has wrapped his arms around his waist. Instantly, Derek lifts Bill off the lower ropes and together they both fall onto the mat.

Bill scrambles and rolls to put Derek�s head into a scissor lock. Trapped between his opponent�s rigid thighs, Derek�s only view is Bill�s grinning face from behind a swelling bulge of blue Speedos. Bill reaches down and takes Derek�s head drawing it closer to the enlargement. �Yeah, that looks good, don�t it?� inquires Bill as he muffles Derek�s response against his crotch. Derek begins to pry the vice hold with his hands, but Bill tightens his legs and bends at the waist. Reaching his right arm out, he takes hold of Derek�s crotch and pulls back against his balls. �Owwww!� moans Derek as he flails his arm between smacking the canvas and protecting his balls. Every time one of his hands comes close to his sack, Bill squeezes harder. It did not take Derek long to understand the non-verbal cues of this hold. Obedience brings discomfort while struggling intensifies the pain.


The only reply is Derek�s right hand slapping the mat. He feels he can overcome his nuts throbbing in Bill�s grasp. �Submit?� Derek looks back over to Bill. He watches Bill�s own dick suffering to be free from its fabric confines at the same time as his is imprisoned beneath Bill�s hold. �Submit?� As Derek struggles to remain focus on overcoming the pain, he starts to brood over Bill�s cock. Without any thought but Bill�s expanding bulge, Derek again reaches for his own cock to find pleasure. �Owwww!� screams Derek as Bill pulls a reminder. �Submit?�

�Yes! Yes, damn it! Let go!�

Confidant, Bill releases his holds and stands up over Derek, who uses both his hands to massage and position his crotch back into place. �You son-of-a-bitch. Where did that come from?�

Bill struts about as Derek slowly rises. He lets his swollen dick lead him about the ring. �I don�t know. I didn�t know I had it in me. I feel like I have an inferno inside me raging to get out. This ring wrestling is pretty hot, you know?�

�Yeah, whatever. I see you have added a few new rules,� says Derek as he stands while watching Bill�s body glisten with sweat. �No worries though. We each got one apiece. This will be the tie breaker.�
Both guys circle one another in the ring. Derek is amazed at how quickly Bill�s confidence grew along with his cock. That must be his weakness then, too. Once they lock up, Derek slips his hold and moves around Bill and pushes him across the ring. Bill spins about and lets the momentum of the tightened ropes against his back launch him back toward Derek. To his amazement, he becomes the upset recipient of Derek�s standing drop kick and falls back into the ropes again stunned. Derek quickly runs over and punches Bill in the gut. Bill swags down even further on the ropes as he drapes both arms over the back of the ropes to keep him from completely falling down. Derek quickly reaches over Bill and pulls the middle rope up and over Bill�s swaying arms. �What the fuck, man? Turn me loose?�

�All in due time,� Derek smiles, �when the last one says submit.� Derek reaches out with both his hands and claws into Bill�s muscular chest.

�Owww! Shit!� Bill kicks his legs about as Derek applies more pressure. Every time Bill stomps his feet, Derek twists his claws further into his pecs. Soon, Bill realizes his own rules are being played Derek�s way and slowly stops his thrashing. Then without warning, Derek loosens his hold and slowly moves his hands down Bill�s washboard abs.

�What do we have here?� Derek enquires as he slides both his hands down Bill�s trunks. In one continuous swoop, he pulls the Speedos down to Bill�s feet and frees a 7-inch cock from its hiding place.
�Dude, pull my trunks back up!� declares Bill as his swollen cock bobs and bounces between the men.

�Not just yet. Obviously you didn�t understand my response when you had me in the scissor lock.� Derek reaches down and begins to pull and stroke Bill�s cock. �It seems to me that the more confident you are, the harder your cock becomes. Therefore, if we take care of this dick, I can win this match once you are spent.�

�You�re �uhm�crazy,� breaths Bill as his bound arms prevent interrupting Derek from playing with his cock.

�We�ll see about that.� Derek backs away and slowly lifts his arms up through his black singlet. Bit by bit he begins to roll the uniform down and over his mass of muscles. Once it is down to his knees, he lets it fall to the floor and steps out. With his right hand he begins to play with his own growing member as he strolls closer to Bill. His glistening tan body reflects the pleasure he is giving himself. Bill just watches in harden agony as Derek straddles himself over Bill and takes both their dicks together in his hands. Bill experiences a sensation of heated steel as Derek rubs their cocks together.

�Damn, you�re hard,� teases Derek. �You need to shoot that load, don�t you?� As Derek lowers his tongue to Bill�s right nipple, he hears Bill�s throaty agreement. After a brief tongue play on his opponent�s chest, Derek raises himself up and turns his back to Bill. �It seems to me the problem started in this position.� Derek slowly backup and presses the crack of his ass against Bill�s raging steel. While the sweat from his back trickles down to lube his ass, Derek begins to work Bill�s cock up and down against him. Pressing even further back, Derek clinches his tight glutes and sandwiches Bill between his cheeks.

While simultaneously flexing his ass and sliding up and down, Derek could feel Bill�s cock pulsating against him. �Yeah, you like that, don�t you?�
�Man, don�t stop.�

Derek looked back at Bill bound in ultimate ecstasy. �Do you submit?�

�No. Keep going.�

Derek deliberately slows his pace. �Do you submit?�

Bill bucks up against Derek�s ass and moans, �No, man.�

�Ok, let�s see how this will change your mind.� In one abrupt move, Derek slides down beside Bill and climbs up on the ring�s apron behind him.

�What the fuck?�

�Exactly,� starts Derek as he begins to slide his throbbing cock up against Bill�s ass. He reaches around and takes hold of Bill�s harden member and strokes it while rubbing his own against Bill�s ass. Both men become overwhelm with the mounting sensations they are experiencing. Suddenly, Derek lets go of Bill�s cock and pushes him forward against the ropes. With his ass more fully exposed, Bill feels Derek�s thick cock entering him from behind. �Arrrr!�

Derek slows his pace till Bill begins to accept his thick seven inches.


A shake of the head and a dry raspy rejection is Bill�s only response.

As Derek picked up his pace of bumping his cock deeper into Bill, he reached around and continues stroking Bill�s cock. Derek watches as Bill�s back swells with each breath. He is back in control now. �Submit?�

Bill rocks back against Derek�s cock. Derek strokes Bill�s cock faster and faster until he feels it throbbing for release. Suddenly, Bill slams back hard against Derek, arching his back as multiple streams of seamen shoot across the ring. �I submit! Damn, I submit!� Bill cries as Derek fills his ass with a load of his own.

Slowly, Derek release Bill from all his restraints and watches as his spent opponent falls onto the ring�s mat. Derek climbs through the ropes and leans down beside Bill. �You okay, man?�

�Damn, I never knew a ring match could be this wild.�

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