Solar Plexus Punching Boxers Story

Learning a Lesson

I'd been a smart-mouth kind of guy since I learned to talk, but it never really got me in that much trouble growing up, so therefore, I learned to perfect it by the time I reached adulthood. It also helps when you're 6'2 and weigh gives you a little more confidence to be a smartass, which I was. I use the past tense, because I've learned to be a little more selective who I mouth off to, ever since the night I got myself beat up in an alley behind a bar. Man...that hurt. I was out with my friend Jack, who's 5'10 and 175 and not as mouthy, but I know how to get him in trouble with my own big mouth. We were watching four guys play pool while we guzzled down some beers when I decided that the guy with the dark hair and white tee shirt sucked at the game and decided to tell him so. He was about my size, a little more muscular maybe and thought he could take some ribbing....I was wrong. I screwed up his shot with my comment and he came walking over to me and told me to "shut the fuck up" right in my face. Jack and I laughed it off but noticed that all four of them kept looking over at us and talking amongst themselves so we couldn't hear them.

These four guys didn't look so threatening, I mean..they were in shape and all, you could tell they worked out some...big deal! We thought nothing more about it and drank a few more brewskis, didn't even pay any more attention to them after a while. The beer started doing it's job on our kidneys so Jack and I went to the men's room where there was only one urinal and one stall. I got the stall....stumbled in....we were pretty buzzed and laughing our asses off at everything that night. After a minute or two, I said something to Jack and he didn't answer I yelled. Nothing. "The asshole left already" I thought as I came out of the stall. Standing there in front of the men's room door was my pool playing friend and one of his sidekicks. "How ya doin", I said as they both walked over to me. I was answered by a fist in the gut and a voice that said, "Next time keep your fucking mouth shut, you cost me some cash with that game." As they walked out, I doubled over from the unexpected punch, got myself together and went to find Jack. He was at the bar ordering two more beers and my "friends" were back with the other two playing pool. "Jack, you fucker, you left me alone in the men's room and that guy just slugged me in the gut." You wanna go?" Jack asked me. "Maybe we'd better get the hell out of here." "Fuck THEM," was my answer, "I'm not fucking going anywhere!" We grabbed our beers, walked over near the pool table thru a small crowd and stood there. All four guys were laughing their asses off and one looked at me and clenched his fist into his hand...then all four of them did it. "Yeah're right," I said to Jack. "Let's get the hell outta here, those guys are nuts man!"

We slugged down the beers and headed out the door which faced the back of the bar away from the street where the parking lot was. I looked over my shoulder once and didn't see anything...thought that was the end of the whole mess. Jack and I both turned around at the same time when we heard the running footsteps of all four guys coming toward us. We just made it to the car door but by that time two of the guys had me and the other two had Jack. They dragged us to the back end of the parking lot where there were no cars, no light poles, no nothing...just a few trees at the beginning of a wooded lot. As I struggled to get free and run like hell another fist caught my solar plexus and my knees buckled from under me. When I glanced up, I saw that Jack had the wind knocked out of him too and was being straightened up by the guy in back of him in a full nelson. The two guys who had me slammed me up against a tree, while the other two who had Jack brought him to within six feet of me so that we were facing each other. I looked at him to say, "sorry I got you into this mess" and he looked at me with a look of panic his eyes. The one guy who wasn't holding either of us walked up to me. "You like to run your mouth, huh?," he said. "Tell me what you have to say about this." He whirled around and slugged Jack in the gut so that he doubled over immediately. The guy holding him straightened him up with a forceful tug of Jack's shoulders. The thug proceeded to repeat his attack by throwing three rapid shots into Jack's midsection. Jack was hurting badly.

I had to do something, so I said, "Ok, I get the point, leave my friend alone, he didn't do anything, I did." "Yeah, that's did, I just wanted you to see what you're gonna get, big mouth," he answered. As he walked over to me, I tensed my stomach muscles knowing that I was next. The two guys holding my arms each put a leg in front of me so I couldn't kick out, or kick my attacker, and I was hoping Jack would use his head and stomp on the foot of the guy holding him, but obviously he wasn't thinking. And he still had a look of grimace on his face from the punches to his gut. As I tensed my stomach muscles his fist caught me in the belly and I handled it pretty well. He spoke again. "So, you're a little tougher than your friend, help me out here guys." They lurched me forward and slammed my back into the tree while at the same time a roundhouse right caught me in the navel. My body slumped forward and was straightened out by an uppercut to the jaw, followed by another right to my solar plexus. While I tried to recover, he walked over to Jack and hit him in the head, then the stomach. As he turned to walk back towards me, he slammed an elbow into Jack's gut and used the same arm to knock the wind out of me again by thrusting his fist forward. Jack and I were only a few feet apart, getting worked over by this guy while his three friends held us in place. I felt like such an ass! I was getting weaker and these guys knew it. Jack was already beaten up beyond the point of being any help to me, even if I did get loose, so there was nothing to do but tough it out.

The guy holding Jack released him and Jack slumped to the ground. I heard him grunt as his attacker kicked him square in the stomach, then held his foot down on him so he wouldn't get up. The attention was back on me. They pulled me away from the tree and a fist slammed into my back. I was getting attacked from both sides fist in the back, one fist in the gut, over and over. My knees were weak, but I was still standing. They were pushing me around like a rag doll at this point. One guy let go of me while the other put me in a full nelson. I heard Jack groan as the two guys in front of me just laughed in my face. "Let's finish this punk off, " said the ringleader. The next thing I felt were three rapid shots to my navel, left, right, left. Then it was the other guy's turn. Left, right, left into my belly. The guy holding me released me and I slumped to the ground clutching my gut. The four of them stood over us and one by one took one last kick to our stomachs. After they left, Jack and I took about 20 minutes to recover so that we could get up and walk. I apologized to Jack over and over for getting him into that mess. He hasn't been out with me since.

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