Real Life Sports Bar Fight Story

This incident happened about 5 years ago. I was living in Washington DC at the time and I
was still looking pretty good and buff. I have this thing about liking to show off my body to
almost anyone I know is looking and I like to see if any guy wants to challenge me upon
seeing me and sizing me up.

This particular flexing scene happened in a Sport�s bar in Crystal City (just on the other side
of the river in Washington DC. I went there wearing a cut off sleeveless shirt and my
shoulders and arms and forearms were looking particularly thick that day. I knew upon
leaving my apartment that I was looking good and sure was hoping to find some guy that
was willing to check out what I had.

When I arrived at the sports bar I could tell immediately it was filled with testosterone. The
place was packed and there was alot of yelling going on for the favorite team. I sat there
having a beer and of course every time I picked up my beer my arms flexed and it was too
long that I noticed a group of guys down the bar looking over at me. This one guy was sort
of pointing my direction and he was feeling his own bicep, then looking over at me again.
ignored them for awhile and continued to drink my beer. I did, however notice that they
were cheering for a particular football team, so to start something I started nonchalantly
cheering for the other team. I could tell this was irritating the guy that was doing the
pointing at me, and especially because his team was losing. And everytime I would see him
looking my way I would really flex up the guns real hard....he didn�t realize that I was
checking him out in the mirror behind the bar....not too bright. I could see that he was
getting all red faced about his team losing the game, and I was acting like I was celebrating
my victory....only to piss this guy off.

Now this guy was about my height and weight and was considerably younger...remember
I�m 47 years old now, but I know I don�t look it (not bragging, but it is a fact, I often get told
look about 32 or 33). He had on a large t-shirt so I couldn�t see his guns, but I could see he
had a pretty sizeable chest on him, but not as big as mine. I got up and went to the men�s
room and of course he followed me in there. I pissed and started washing my hands...he
was getting sort of drunk and I was not. He said something about me cheering for the other
team and I said that I was happy his team got their asses kicked....He said, �well, maybe
you should have your ass kicked�.

I grabbed him and threw him up against the wall and
shoved my solid forearm (I�ll attach a pic of the forearm) under his chin and practically
raised him off the floor. I said, I hope you aren�t the one planning to kick my ass because I�ll
rip your pussy head off right here. It was at this time I grabbed his left arm and I could feel
a rock solid bicep....damn he was built under that shirt. I let him go and he didnt� do
anything. I left to go back out to the bar....he came back out too and went over to his
friends. I noticed that he wasn�t looking over my way anymore and I figured I had scared
him off, which I wished I hadn�t done. My objective for cheering for the other team was to
piss someone off like him so he�d wanna fight me.

It was about an hour later I noticed his whole group of friends sort of meandered their way
over towards me. Now by this time me and bartender had become acquaintences and we
were chatting. He (the bartender) has sizeable arms and he said they measured 17.5 and
even pulled his shirt up and flexed a right bicep very quickly for me to see. It was quite
impressive...and of course I flexed mine for him and he said, that yeah he had noticed my
guns right off when I walked into the bar. He had commented that he bet I would be a good
fighter or armwrestler....I told him that I didn�t armwrestle much, but I loved to fight some
guy who thought he was muscular...he told me he didnt� like to fight, but he definitely
wanted to see me pose up sometime and I told him I�d like to see him pose too. We made a
date to do that.....(another story down the line). Anyway, I told Mike, the bartender, later
what had happened in the bathroom with that guy down the bar...and he thought that was
so cool.

He noticed too that the guy was getting obnoxious and he wished he had seen my
throwing him up against the wall in the bathroom. I told Mike that it wouldn�t take much for
me to step outside with this guy and go toe to toe with him as I was itching to settle this.
Mike told me that if I did, I should take it out behind the bar as it was very private there and
that no one would see us duke it out and that he would see to it that we weren�t interferred
with. He said, he too, had fought this one guy back there after work once that worked there
as a bus boy. Apparently the two of them didn�t get along and had words on night and went
at it back there. By now I was getting a raging hard on hearing about his fight and seeing
him flex his biceps every so often as he told how he punched the guys lights out that he
fought back there.

Eventually the group of guys and this one guy I had the shoving match with in the men�s
room were right behind and I could hear them talking. It was obvious they wanted me and
the bartender to hear. Finally a different guy (one of the group) asked me if I worked out.
He said I looked pretty buff and that he thought I used to be a wrestler. I told him thanks,
but I didn�t wrestle, but I did occassionally fistfight if I felt someone needed their ass kicked.
While I said this I looked at the guy I had shoved. He glared back at me. Then this other
guy says, I bet you 50 dollars my friend here can take you down in armwrestling. I thought,
this is too good to be true. I said, that sounds good to me, let�s go. By then the Mike the
bartender told me I could take this guy easily and that he every confidence in world that I
could...This helped me out alot....knowing that you have someone in your corner cheering
you on.

We went over to the table, by this time there was practically no in the bar except for
us. This guy pulls OFF his shirt and I see these chiseled pecs and broad shoulders and
about 17inch guns...I practically died right there, but I immediatlely took off my shirt too and
I heard some of his friends say, Glen, he is going to whup you, look at his muscles man! I
flexed my pecs and so did Glen. We went down and locked up on the table...his bicpes
were already flexing in anticipation and so were mine. I stared right into his eyes and I told
him I was going to take him down and that he better be prepared. Mike got us set and
counted to 3 and we were off. We struggled with each other back and forth. I thought
there for awhile it was going to be a draw, but I wasn�t giving in to him. The veins in my
biceps and forearms were huge. But see, what Glen didn�t realize was that I was just
holding him there.

It wasn�t until I looked up at Mike and Glen�s friends when I said, �you
ready to start?� Everyone laughed and I just methodically pulled his arm down to the table
and at the end I slammed the back of his hand on to the table hard, just to let him know I
was the man. Man, he was pissed. His friends were laughing and I just stared at him. All
of a sudden he reaches over and pops me in the mouth with a right cross. It stung, but if
that�s all he had, I knew I was going to make hurt big time for that. His buddies grabbed
him and some of them were pissed for him being a sore sport. I told him I wanted to finish
this outside and Mike said, let me show you guys the back door. We all went out back to
where Mike told me it was a good private place to fight. We got out there and Glen started
trash talking and I just turned around and started throwing blow after blow until he went
down. He never got one punch in before I was straddling him and giving him what for.
Finally Mike pulled me off and his buddies picked Glen up off the ground. He was bleeding
from his nose and mouth. I was unscathed.

I knew this guy was a puss from the pop he
gave me in the bar that started this fight. Needless to say, I was proud of shutting his smart
mouth. Mike told me that he thought I looked pretty impressive. Now don�t get me wrong,
Glen was a very muscular guy but he didn�t know how to use them in a fight or
armwrestling. One of his friends actually came up to me and told me he was glad I
whupped his ass, because they were all getting sick and tired of his mouth. He said he was
glad I shut him up and that now maybe Glen would be more considerate of others. I told
him and that I enjoyed the fight and that I was glad it went down the way it did. As a matter
of fact I saw Glen in that bar a couple of times after that with the same friends, but nothing
happened. We just steered clear of each other, with the occassional glance or two at each
other and of course, I gave him a couple of casual bicep flexe just to let him know I was
there and ready anytime he was.

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