Street Fighters Fighting Story

As the two young men enter the locker room from opposite ends they instantly see each other and freeze. Both knew that this meeting would happen some day but neither knew just when. Both young men were very good looking. Kai was 18 years old and extremely strong and quick. His slim muscular body measured in at 5-7 165#. His stomach had developed into the the picture perfect 6 pack of solid muscle. His chest and arms were smooth and muscular from the daily workouts that he did to keep himself in the superior shape that he had to be in to keep his edge as a street fighter. His asian background gave him a mysterious and seductive look that drove both women and men wild. His strong facial features were smooth with little facial hair and had a look about them that instantly told you that he meant business. However on the rare occasions that he did break into a smile it was warm and glowing making his eyes sparkle in a manner that would melt your heart in an instant. He had few friends, but the ones that he had, he was fiercely loyal to. In fact it was through a friendship that had gotten him into street fighting. His first fight was when he was 13 years old. One of his friends had been badly beaten and abused by a 15 year old bully one day after school. Kai was so enraged at seeing his friend battered and bruised that he had hunted the bully down the next day. In a brutal fight that no one thought he could win he had beaten the bully badly, breaking his nose and one of his ribs in the fight.

Kai had taken a pretty bad beating also, but the one thing that he remembers about the fight is the strange effect it had on him. He distinctly remembers that during his fight his cock had grown hard as a rock. Both of the boys had resorted to low blows to try and defeat each other. Even though the blows were extremely painful they also caused him great excitement. After the fight, even though he was in great pain, he had rushed home to experience a huge orgasm, and not just one. It was as if his young body would not stop and he actually experinced three within an hour after the fight. To this day fighting has the same effect on him. He does not admit it, but it is the stimulation that keeps him fighting.

Mick had always been a scrapper from an early age. At the age of 19 he was very similar to Kai. He stood at about 5-8 and weighed about 175#. But his european background had given him a bulkier body with a light covering of dark brown hair on his chest at an early age. He had a swagger about him that gave the impression that he was cocky. His firm muscular body had developed into an impressive site. His arms had large powerful muscles, and his stomach had been worked into six packs that other boys only wished they had. He, also, had started fighting at the age of 13. He had been brought into it due to his temper. At that age he had been picked on because of his family being poor. He had also matured at a young age and had been ridiculed for the body hair that he had grown so young. He would get into fights at the drop of a hat and had became known for his fierce fighting ability and the fact that he would never submit, no matter how badly he was being beaten, which happened rarely. He had grown to enjoy fighting. It was a way that had given him respect and now nobody picked on him. He also found that in the early days of his fighting that it gave him sexual stimulation. Many times during a fight he would experience orgasms which had nearly cost him the fight on several occasions due to the distraction. After every fight he would have several orgasms that would rock his body like no other sexual experinces would.

Both boys had gained reputations as fierce fighters on the street. Neither ever willing to submit and both skilled and powerful combatants. They had developed thier bodies into such muscular machines that they could take extreme punishment from their opponents. They were feared fighters in their own worlds, but Mick and Kai traveled in different circles. Each of their schools had an underground fighting scene that the schools had tried in vain to stop over the years. Kai and Mick were two of the most feared and respected fighters that had come along in years. The stories about their bloody and brutal fights had spread far and wide along with stories about private sex fights as well.

Since graduating from high school the boys had to find other places to exercise as they had stayed involved in fighting, but now they did it for money to pay for their college education. Unbeknown to either of them they had both picked the same gym. On this night it was very late and they had been working out in different areas of the gym. Both clad in only gray cotton shorts, their muscles were pumped and glistened with sweat from the workout that they had just finished.

Though they had never met before, the instant they saw each other they knew who the other was. As they moved further into the locker room both of thier bodies began to tense as they examined each other for potential weak spots in case this was the night that they would take each other on. They moved slowly toward each other not saying a word. As they got within a few feet of each other Mick broke the silence "you must be Kai." "and you must be the famous Mick" Kai responded. They both relaxed a little but still watched each other carefully. Both felt a stiring in their loins as they studied each others perfectly formed bodies. Mick smiled slightly and said " I kinda figured we would meet some day". Kai nodded and replied "me too but I figured it would be in a different place than this." "So are you as tough as they say you are?" Mick asked. Kai shrugged his shoulders and replied " I can hold my own I guess" The competitive blood was starting to boil in them as they quietly spoke. A stirring in their loins told them that they were ready to test each other.

As they stood surveying each other they could feel their loins filling with a fight lust that neither had felt in a long time. They could almost smell the hormones from each other as their cotton gym shorts began to tent from their large shafts rising and getting hard. Both had been endowed with large thick shafts that stood a solid 9" when fully engorged. Mick with out realizing it had rubbed his hand along his shaft causing a small wet spot to form on the end of the tent in his shorts. When Kai saw the spot he could not help but form his own wet spot.

They moved together quickly and locked up almost in a "TV" style pro wrestlng match. But then Kai made the first move and slid in under Mick's arm like lightning and hip tossed him hard to the concrete floor of the locker room. The move surprised Mick but being a seasoned fighter he hooked Kai's leg with his foot and pulled it out from under him sending Kai to the floor hard. Both instantly jumped to their feet and Mick planted a hard right fist directly into Kai's mouth splitting his lip and drawing the first blood of the fight. Kai's head snapped to the right and he let the momentum carry him around with a hard back handed fist to Micks' nose causing it to start bleeding. Their eyes met for just a moment and a slight smile crossed both of their faces that said "good move, you are a worthy opponent". But in the blink of an eye Kai had grabbed the back of Mick's head and pulled him into him and slammed his knee up into his abs causing him to double over slightly, and then rammed Mick's head into the metal locker doors that lined the room. In retaliation Mick kicked his leg out backwards catching Kai directly in his family jewels. Kai let out a groan and staggerd backward clutching his groin area and coughing. It felt like he had been kicked by a mule. Mick was trying to recover from being slammed into the door and was rubbing his head and weaving just a little. Kai, suffering from the mule kick, had to drop to one knee due to the pain and nausea that he was feeling. Mick saw this as the prefect opportunity and lunged toward Kai. Kai saw him coming, and in a huge upper cut, his fist slammed directly into Mick's baby makers hard. Mick instantly dropped to his knees in pain gagging and coughing. Kai, still on his knes in front of Mick pulled his arm back and drilled a hard right fist directly into Mick's cheek as he kneeled in agony.

Mick's head snapped to the side but he came back with his own right fist to Kai's face. Sweat was pouring off the boy's bodies as they exchanged blows back and forth. Both cocks rock hard from the intensity of the battle. Both feeling the weight of their arms as they tired, not only from the effort that they were putting into the blows but also from the toll it was taking on them from receiving them. Almost as one they pulled each other up to their feet and Kai slammed Mick back into the locker door, falling into him as he did. Mick then raised his thigh hard up between Kai's legs into his balls as he wrapped his arms around him to hold him in place. Kai's body convulsed from the blow, but retaliated with his own thigh to Mick's balls. The blows causing both pain and pleasure as each blow caused precum to spray into their shorts. Their arms wrapped around each other, holding each other up, they continued exchanging thighs to each others manhoods. Both in erotic pain that few men experience. Their bloody sweaty faces next to each other as they brutalize each others equipment. Both amazed that the other is still fighting back, as most men would have crumbled and begged for mercy after the first blow. Holding each other close they can feel their hard nipples rubbing against each others chest as they twist and turn to try and protect themselves and yet still be able to deliver more blows. Lust filling their young bodies from the brutality of the fight. In a lightning quick move, which Kai is known for, he slamed a hard right fist into Mick's abs doubling him over. As Mick's head goes down, Kai's left comes up in a thunderous blow to Mick's face knocking him backwards into the lockers. Mick retaliates with a quick kick to Kai's lower abs catching his hard 9" rod between his foot and Kai's body.

Kai lets out a muffled cry of pain and doubles up. Mick comes back with a hard right fist to Kai's cheek opening up another gash. Kai stumbles back still holding his smashed cock as Mick charges him, smashing him into the lockers on the other side of the room knocking the wind out of Kai. Kai crumbled to the floor stunned. As Kai desperately tries to get his bearings back, Mick moves in behind him and before Kai can react has pulled both of their shorts down and driven his huge shaft deep inside him. Kai screamed in both pleasure and pain as Mick starts to pump. Both boys now realize that the fight has taken a new turn and is now a fight for sexual dominance. The feel of Mick's shaft inside him drives Kai crazy as it rubs against his prostate. But the fight in Kai is far from gone and he snaps his head back into Micks face smashing his nose causing blood to gush down his face and all over Kai's back. The shock and pain pain of the blow forces Mick to let go of Kai's hips and pull off of him. As he pulls off, Kai, kicks backward catching Mick's balls in a vicious mule kick. Mick howls and drops to his knees in pain clutching his injured gonads. Kai spins around behind Mick and pushes him down on all fours and rams his steel shaft in Mick's ass. It is now Mick's turn to howl in both pain and pleasure as Kai begins to pump his organ inside him. Both boys had both been involved in sex fights before but up until now they had been successful in defending their man holes from any one entering them.

Both of them were virgins and the size and the force of the entry was inflicting considerable tearing. As Kai started pumping, Mick was twisting and turning, struggling to get off, determined that Kai would not unload in him before he planted his load in Kai. Mick manuvered one his legs between Kai's and slammed it back crushing Kai's balls. Kai, screaming and cursing , pulled out of Mick and dropped to the floor doubled up. Mick crawls away trying to recoup from the anal assault. Both boys exhausted, battered, bruised and bloody climb to their knees to face each other. Their breath is heavy and labored as their bodies struggle to take in more oxygen to keep going. In one motion they lunge for each other and wrap their arms around each other in bear hugs. They struggle to their feet and fall against the locker room wall. Both trying to crush each other. Their hard cocks stabbing at each other and ramming into each others swollen testicles. Precum flowing out of them as the animal lust continues to build. The sweat and blood from thier bodies mixing and running on the floor. As they stuggle their bodies grind agianst each other and their cocks begin their own battle. Both try and exchange thighs to each other again but they are so weak that they do little damage but cause erotic shocks to course though each others bodies. The grinding and rubbing of their bodies bring the pressure in their loins to a point of no return. Both bodies convulse in unison and their cries of sexual release echo in the locker room. Each of their sex muscles aching from the magnitude of the explosion.

They slowly sink to the floor. Bloodied, beaten and bruised from the battle. Still holding each other close they look at each other. "My Brother" Kai whispers to Mick. "My fighting Lover" Mick responds back. "We are truly soul mates" Mick sighs only in a tone that lovers use. "now and forever" Kai sighs in return.


Mick and Kai, Part 2

Mick and Kai had become not only hard and fast friends but lovers as well. They had left their unsatisfactory home lives and moved in together to make a life for themselves. To support themselves they both still did street fighting for money. To keep in tiptop shape during slow times they would practice on each other. Sometimes ending more bruised and battered from their practice brawls than from the actual fights. They had both gained even greater reputations as vicious fighters as they matured to the ripe old ages of 22. Both still very good looking with bodies of solid muscle that some body builders would have loved to have. But both kept themselves limber by not over exercising so that they could stay quick on their feet.

One day Kai walked into their apartment with a worried look on his face. Mick was instantly concerned because it was a look that he had never seen before. �What�s up buddy?� Mick asked. �I may have gone and done something stupid� Kai responded. Concerned Mick came to his lover�s side and gently stroked his hair back over his ear and kissed him gently. �What could you have done that was so stupid?� Mick asked in a gentle reassuring tone. Kai looked at him and said � You know that one kid that has been doing quite a few fights lately and making a name for himself?� �There are tons of those guys, you have to be more specific� Mick softly whispered as he guided his friend to the couch. � You know, the one they call Stone�. Mick�s hand froze when he heard the name. Afraid of what his friend was going to tell him. �The one that beats his opponent mercilessly even after they have given up?� �Yes, that�s the one� Kai said. �What about him� Mick asked. �Well, I kinda said that I would fight him� Kai said very quietly. �WHAT!!!!!!� Mick practically screamed at Kai. �How stupid are you?!?!!?� Mick screamed. �That guy is a born killer! He enjoys mutilating other guys. When he gets done with them their cocks and balls are mush!!!� Mick was beside himself with the thought of his lover fighting this monster. �You cannot fight this guy,� Mick stated as he looked at Kai. �I have committed myself and I will not back down from any fight that I commit to,� Kai said to Mick in a low voice that stated that there was no changing his mind.

Stone had grown up on, what you would call, the wrong side of the tracks. His father had started to beat him when he was very small. His abusive father thought it would �make him tough�. Well it had. Stone took great pleasure in beating other guys until they were close to death. When he got started in a fight he would envision that he was fighting with his Father and all of his pent up anger and frustration would come out and he could not stop it. He had grown to a large 6�2� and weighed about 220 lbs of muscle. His body was not a body builders muscle but very solid and very strong for an 19 year old kid. He shaved his head and all of his body to make, what he thought was, an intimidating look. Both his arms had tattoos and he had several body piercings that would scare small children. He also found that the more brutal he was, the greater sexual satisfaction he could achieve. Many times the last blow he would inflict on his victims would trigger a huge orgasmic release. He was also finding that he had to be more brutal each time to achieve that same level of pleasure. Consequently his reputation for brutality and mercilessness was spreading far and wide. His need to fight was like an addiction, for it was the only thing in his life that brought him pleasure. And so he fought. He fought mainly for pleasure, but also for respect, which he had never gotten from his father and he so desperately needed.

As Kai and Mick approached the spot where the fight was to take place they noticed that a larger than normal crowd was gathering. The fight was to take place in an abandoned warehouse that was used fairly regularly for underground fights. Word had spread that this would be a fight to remember. Half of the young men gathered already were sporting bulges in their jeans and some even had wet spots from precum leakage and actual orgasms. Mick leaned over and in an effort to help Kai relax a little gave him a gentle elbow in the ribs and whispered �look at what sexual pleasure you bring to all of these horny bucks!� Kai smiled and whispered back �let�s hope I can still pleasure them after this fight also�. Mick gave him a slap on the back �fuck man, just use your quickness and all of the skills you have learned over the years. I have seen you fight guys as big as he is before with no trouble at all.� Kai raised his eyebrows and looked at Mick �A walk in the park� he said with a false sense of confidence.

Stone was already waiting for Kai as he approached. His shirtless chest was powerfully built but not as defined as Kai�s. Kai stepped into the fight area and nodded acknowledgement at Stone as he slipped his shirt off and started swinging his arms to stretch them a little. Stone returned the acknowledgement by uttering a low growl and nodding his head back. Kai was ready to get this over with and moved to the center of the large room. Stone moved toward him. Kai was tense thinking that Stone was the type to try and lunge quickly to get in the first blow. But in a surprise move Stone moved toward Kai and stopped, straightened up and extended his hand in a gesture of sportsmanship. Kai was taken by surprise at this gesture.

He slowly extended his hand toward Stone. Mick had been watching carefully and just as Kai started to extend his had he saw the muscles in Stones shoulders tense. Mick screamed �NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!� At Kai. But it was to late. In a lightning fast movement Stone grabbed Kai�s hand and yanked his body into his twisting it backwards as it moved toward him. As he pulled him in his other arm wrapped around Kai�s neck and locked in a choke hold on him before Kai even realized what was happening. Kai could feel his breath being cut off as panic started to set in. He instantly knew he was in trouble. As if in a dream he could hear the crowd booing at the dirty tactic, but this was NHB. Kai struggled to pull Stones arm from around his neck but quickly realized that he would not be able to. He also knew that if he did not do something quick the whole fight would be over. He tried elbowing Stone in the gut and in the ribs to no avail. He then tried stomping on his foot, which caught Stone by surprise but only loosened his grip slightly and only for a moment. But it was enough to catch a breath and shift a little so that the choke was not quite as bad. In desperation he stole a quick glance at Mick who was at the edge of the crowd. Mick made a quick gesture with his fist like he was hitting backwards. Kai instantly understood and shifted his hips to the side slightly and swung his fist backwards as hard as he could.

His fist hit the intended mark, right into Stones� gonads. Stone had not expected this move and instantly let go and doubled over in pain and staggered back. Kai fell forward onto his knees coughing and trying to get some air into his lungs. Just as his head was starting to clear he heard a roar from behind him as Stone had regained enough composure to charge at Kai. In a quick move Kai slipped to the side and stuck his leg out and tripped Stone causing him to fall flat on his face. The crowd roared with laughter at the huge body of Stone sprawled on the concrete floor of the warehouse. The laughter infuriated Stone and he sprung to his feet and whirled to face Kai. The break had been just long enough for Kai to get his wind back and get back to his feet. His body tensed, Kai was in full fight mode now after his blunder and he had no intention of making any more mistakes with his opponent. As Stone jumped to his feet and started to turn, Kai jumped into a spinning back kick that caught Stone square in the temple on the right side of his head. The blow stunned Stone and he staggered back a couple of steps shaking his head trying to clear it. Kai knew that he needed to press his momentary advantage and charged at Stone and launched himself into a drop kick at Stones chest. Stone had regained enough of his senses to see Kai�s body flying through the air at him. His big arm made a sweep catching Kai�s legs just before they hit his chest and sent Kai sprawling on the hard floor of the warehouse. Stone drew back and swung a huge leg at Kai and kicked him square in the abs knocking the wind out of Kai and sending him rolling across the floor.

Stone, feeling more in control, walked over to Kai as he managed to get to his knees. Stone reached out grabbing Kai by the hair and drawing his fist back to deliver a massive blow to Kai�s head. Just as Stone drew his fist back Kai slammed his own fist directly up between Stones legs catching him squarely in the balls. Stone dropped to his knees clutching his jewels and emitting a whimpering cry of pain. Kai, still on his knees, drew his arm back and delivered a hard punch to the side of Stones head. Stone still in agony from the crotch blow swayed to the side and would have gone down if he had not caught himself with his hand. On his knees, holding himself up by one hand, Stone was still nursing his crotch. Kai quickly climbed to his feet to deliver a kick to Stones face. But as he approached Stone rose up and was able to smash a hard right fist into Kai�s crotch. A scream of surprised pain erupted from Kai�s mouth as he dropped to his knees in front of Stone. Stone snarled at Kai �how do you like your own medicine asshole�.

By this time both men were sporting raging hard-ons from the battle. Kai�s pants were showing a small wet spot from the pre-cum that had squirted out from the blow to his balls. Unknown to Stone this type of blow only stimulated Kai�s fight lust and spurred him further on to do battle. Kai raised his head and looked Stone in the eye. Stone actually felt a chill run down his spine as he saw that Kai�s eyes did not show the usual fear and pain that all of his other opponents had shown after a blow like that. Kai gave him a very quick smile just before he jabbed his thumb into Stones eye and then followed with the other hand thrusting its fingers into his throat.

Stone blinded and choking started swinging blindly to try and protect himself from further attack until he could recover. Kai did not see until too late one of the fists coming at him and was caught hard in the cheek. The blow opened up a cut across his cheek that started to gush blood down the side of his face. The pain and surprise from the blow slowed Kai just enough for Stone to see the blood on his face. Stone�s mouth curled into an evil grin. He launched a left and then a right that both connected sending Kai sprawling on the concrete floor and dazed. Stone Climbed to his feet, his rock hard man shaft tenting his pants, and moved toward Kai. Still dazed from the powerful blows Kai was trying to get to his feet. Still on all fours, Kai was a vulnerable target for two quick kidney punches from Stone. Kai rolled in pain from the vicious blows. His stomach rocking from the kidney pain, Kai knew that he was in trouble and had to get away and get his senses back. Kai could sense Stone coming and at the last second he rolled on his back and shoved his foot out catching Stone right under his kneecap. Stone howled in pain as his kneecap snapped back from the blow. He hobbled away hoping that the little s.o.b. had not broken his knee. The pain was so intense that he was seeing stars and he could hardly put any weight on his leg.

Kai had climbed to his feet and was leaning against a pillar to try and settle his nausea down from the battering that he had taken. He knew that the blows to his kidneys would probably make him piss blood for several days. He looked over at Stone and for the first time thought he might have found a weakness that he could take advantage of. He lunged at Stone and kicked the back of his injured knee hard. Stone howled in pain and dropped to the floor clutching his leg. Another hard kick, then another, and then one more to Stone�s injured knee had Stone crawling across the floor to get away and begging Kai to stop. Both men were drenched in sweat from both the monumental effort that they were putting out, as well as from the pain that they had been inflicting on each other. Kai leaned up against a pillar to catch his breath. He looked at Stone who was on the floor holding his knee and making a rocking motion. �You ready to give?� Kai asked him. Stone glared at him and replied �I�m gonna kill you, you fucking asshole.� Stone lumbered to his feet favoring his injured leg. His put his fists in the air and motioned for Kai. �Come on asshole, this ain�t over yet!� Stone growled. Kai moved toward Stone wishing he would just give up and this could be done. He moved in warily and looking for an opening to deliver a hard blow to try and end this battle. Stone was watching very closely also to try and gain the advantage again. He saw Kai�s eyes look down at his knee again for just an instant and that was all he needed. He lunged forward in a move that was faster than Kai could have imagined he could make on an injured leg.

Stone wrapped Kai up in a crushing bear hug and started to squeeze the breath out of Kai. Both young men could feel the heat and the sweat from each other�s bodies. They could also feel the hard bulges pressed together. As Kai struggled to get free their man hoods ground together sending erotic shocks through both of their bodies. Stone was distracted just long enough for Kai to manage to slip his leg between Stones legs and drive his thigh up into his balls. Stone groaned in pain but also felt an erotic surge move through his body. Instead of letting go he slammed his thigh up between Kai�s legs crushing his gonads. Kai�s loins screamed out in pain and erotic pleasure. Precum was starting to flow from both men making large wet spots on the front of their pants. Kai drove two more quick thighs back up into Stone as Stone returned the move to Kai. Stones bear hug had turned more into a holding hug to keep Kai in place rather than a crushing hug.

Both men were enjoying the pain that they kept trading back and forth. Their moans had turned into more moans of pleasure than pain. But each blow was taking its toll on their stamina. Stone had never had to go this long in a fight before, as he usually was able to crush his opponent early on. Kai was lasting better due to the conditioning that he and Mick did in their practices. Kai was determined to win this battle and even though he was rather enjoying this exchange he decided to deliver an extremely hard blow to Stones baby makers followed by a head butt directly to Stones nose, crushing it and causing blood to gush down his face. Stone could not hold on any longer and collapsed in a fetal position on the concrete floor cradling his crotch in pain. The last blow had sent his loins over the edge and his cock had exploded with a massive load of man juice. As he lay on the floor his body kept convulsing as he shot spurt after spurt. Kai stumbled back and fell against a pillar breathing heavily. His lust was on the verge of explosion from the last crotch blows that had been exchanged by the two young warriors. As Kai watched Stone lying there curled up in erotic pain his lust got the better of him. He stumbled over to Stone and grabbed the back of his jeans and in a mighty heave ripped them down over his ass. In almost the same move Kai opened up the front of his pants. Before Stone realized what was happening Kai had grabbed his hips and was driving his 9� tool deep inside of Stone. Now Stone had never had this happen to him before and he screamed in pain.

The shock and humiliation had caught him totally by surprise. His body was so weak from the battle all he could do was try and crawl away as Kai held on tightly and began pumping deep and hard into Stone. Stone screaming in both terror and humiliation tried in vain to get away from Kai, but Kai was lost in lust and he was going to have his satisfaction. The crowd was going crazy as many of them had been brutally beaten by Stone or had seen him do this same thing to many of their friends in the past and were ecstatic that he was finally getting his just desert. Kai�s fight lust was making him pound on Stones back and ribs now as he kept ramming his man shaft harder and harder into Stone. Blood was running down Stones legs from his hole being torn wide open. Within minutes Kai was convulsing with a huge orgasm inside of Stone. As Kai�s final wave for orgasmic pleasure ripped through his body he fell off of Stone in exhaustion. His loins still constricting occasionally. Stone fell in a heap making whimpering sounds. All of his rage and cockiness had been beaten out of him. The crowd stood in absolute silence at the site of these two young warriors lying on the floor. Kai looked over through his exhausted haze and saw Stone laying on the floor staring into space in humiliation. He slowly struggled to his feet and walked over to Stone. As Stone realized that Kai was standing over him he tried to cover up in a fetal curl and started to whimper in fear. Kai softly reached down and touched his shoulder causing Stone to jump. Kai whispered softly �shhhhhh - its over Stone. Give me your hand. Let me help you up.� Stone looked up at Kai in surprise, knowing that if he had him in the same situation he would have mercilessly beat him. He slowly gave Kai his Hand let him help him up. Kai help him pull his pants back up and then placed his arm around Stone and helped him through the crowd.

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