Tagteam Sex Wrestling Story

It is Saturday night and time for the big event. Tonight Bob and David are going to defend their tag-team
championship belts against Ralph and George. Bob and David have held the titles for the past 15 months. This
match is the culmination of months of disagreements, battles, fights and kamikaze attacks between the four
wrestlers. The rules of the match are those of pro wrestling, 2 out of 3 falls, with the referee having final authority
on all matters. Thom has agreed to referee the match, although he is only 5'8" and 150#. However, he has a
black belt in karate, and can handle himself in any situation. He has refereed several similar matches and is
imminently fair. He realizes that tonight's match is going to be a particularly tough one. As Thom walks down the
aisle, he sees that Bob and David are already in the ring. Bob, 6'1", and 215# has dark brown hair and is fairly
good looking. He has been wrestling for about 4 years. Prior to that he was into bodybuilding. David is a much
bigger man. He stands 6'3", weighs 245#, and has black hair which also grows in a thick mat on his chest, arms
and legs. He began body building at age 13 and won several contests. He gave up body building 6 years ago and
switched to wrestling. He is extremely handsome and has some modeling experience. Needless to say, he is a fan
favorite and never looks better than when is covered with a thin sheen of sweat. "Hi guys. Tonight is going to be a
rough one, but remember there are rules.

I am going to enforce those rules and I don't want any trouble out of
you," says Thom as he walks over to the corner. "You know you don't have to worry about us, Thom, but keep
an eye on our opponents," replies David. "Don't worry about that, I will. You two just keep yourselves in line.
After the last match you four had, I must be out of my mind for refereeing this one." "Sorry Thom, but they
wanted a private match with no audience and we agreed to that only if you were the referee, since you'll be fair.
They didn't like it but they agreed to it." "Yeah, I know. Damn, it is hot as hell in here, especially since there is no
crowd and not all the lights on." Bob replies, "the damned air conditioning unit is on the blink but the contract says
the match has to be tonight, so here we are." At that time the auditorium doors open and in walks the opponents.
George enters first. He is 5'9", weighs in at 195# and has shoulder length black hair. While not really handsome,
he has that rugged look that many find attractive. He has been wrestling for 10 years and is willing to do just
about anything to win a match. His partner, Ralph, stands 6, weighs 210#, has light brown hair and is the rookie
of the group, having been wrestling seriously for about 2 years. Before that he was a long-haul trucker. He has a
certain working man look about him. He has been friends with George for many years and has picked up many of
his partner's wrestling manners and outlooks.

They swagger down to the opposite side of the ring and climb in.
Thom walks over and repeats his words of warning to them. George looks past Thom at his opponents and
replies "Hey, we'll obey the rules. We don't have to cheat to beat a couple of pussies like those over there. You
guys, er boys, are going to go down tonight and learn how real men wrestle." "Fuck you asshole," is David's
reply. "Tsk, Tsk, the dumb idiot over there doesn't even know that guys are supposed to fuck girls and not other
guys, Ralph. They are even dumber than I thought." "Now George, didn't your mother ever teach you not to pick
on the less fortunate.

They can't help it that they are too damned stupid to know the facts of life. However,
tonight we can teach them the facts of wrestling." David shoots an obscene gesture toward them as Thom calls
for the first fall to begin. Each team confers for a moment and then Bob and Ralph meet in the center of the ring
and immediately lock fingers high overhead in a test of strength. Although Bob has a slight height and weight
advantage, Ralph begins to force his hands down. The long-haul trailer work he did gives him better strength than
Bob. As the struggle continues, sweat breaks out on the faces of both wrestlers, due in part to the broken air
conditioner. Finally, Ralph is able to force Bob to his knees. He then plants his right foot square into Bob's
exposed gut forcing the wind from his lungs. Ralph releases the hands, slips around Bob, and locks his powerful
legs around Bob's waist at the same time he slips his arms under Bob's and locks his fingers behind the neck.
Ralph now has Bob in a combination body scissors and full nelson.

He applies full force to both holds. "Going to
try to squeeze a little of that fat out of your head, dummy." Both Ralph and George know that Bob's weak point
is his "staying" capacity. If they could knock the wind out him by applying pressure, they could wear him down,
which is one of the reasons they bribed the handyman to make sure the air conditioner was malfunctioning. Ralph
begins squeezing and relaxing both holds in an unpredictable pattern. Bob's ribs and neck are in great pain.
Summoning his strength, Bob slowly begins bringing both of his massive arms down, finally breaking the full
nelson. He immediately places his hands on Ralph's feet in an effort to pry them apart. As Bob is exerting all his
efforts into separating the powerful legs, Ralph throws a solid punch into his kidney causing Bob to scream in
pain, and releases the legs. "Come on Thom. He punched him with his fist, make him break it," screams David
from the corner. Thom asks George if he punched him, which George denies and since Thom didn't see the blow
there is nothing he can do.

Ralph releases the scissors, stands up, pulls Bob to his feet and throws him back first
into George's extended knee. As Thom goes over to warn George about outside interference, Ralph runs to his
opponent's corner, throws a right to David's jaw, and then uses a head flip to bring the dazed wrestler into the
ring. As David rises to his feet and approaches Ralph, who has begun retreating to his corner, the referee steps
between the two wrestlers. "All right David, back to your corner. You can't come into the ring without a tag."
"Hey, he attacked me and..." "I don't want to hear it. Just get the fuck out of the ring." Meanwhile, George turns
Bob into the ropes and pulls his throat across the top rope bearing down on the head. Ralph grabs Bob's feet and
lifts them into the air. The only point of support for Bob's weight is his neck. George leans over to Bob's ear and
whispers, "Where's your partner. Why isn't he over here trying to help you instead of tying the referee up so that
we can hurt you. Doesn't he know that he is supposed to be helping you and not us." Of course, seeing this
treatment only enrages David more and he tries to get to the corner to help his partner.

This only causes further delay as the referee continues to force David back to his corner.

Ralph and George have chosen to work on David's weak point - his temper. Seizing the last available moment before the ref returns, Ralph throws a hard fist
into the vulnerable balls of his hapless opponent. The protective cup Bob is wearing lessens the impact of the
blow, but does not prevent the affect altogether. Both Ralph and George release Bob, who crashes to the mat.
His hands drop to his hurting balls while he struggles to catch his breath. Ralph drops a knee into the lower back,
and then brings Bob to his feet. Ralph tags his partner, lifts Bob and drops him back first across the outstretched
knee of George, who has just entered the ring. The ref warns both wrestlers, but the action had occurred during
the five count between tags. George rolls Bob onto his back and delivers a double handed fist deep into the
exposed gut. Again the ref warns him about his action but George simple laughs as he delivers a knee drop into
the gut. Bob is now in a great deal of pain. Still close to his corner, George quickly rolls Bob onto his stomach
and applies a Boston crab.

The pain is quickly situated in Bob's lower back and abdominals. Locking both ankles
under his armpits, George sits back applying even more pressure. The ref is down on the mat at Bob's head
asking if he submits and does not see Ralph reach across the ropes and deliver a pounding fist into the exposed
crotch of his opponent. Bob lets out a loud cry of pain, which the ref assumes is from the crab hold. Again, Ralph
unloads another ball shot. "You fucking bastard", David screams as he jumps into the ring and charges across the
ring delivering a shot to the back of George's neck. The ref quickly intercedes and begins forcing him back
toward his corner, ignoring the protests emanating from David. Ralph drops to the floor, reaches up and grabs
both of Bob's ankles and pulls with all his force, driving the crotch into the steel corner post. Bob screams as he
feels as though his nuts have been flattened. David only renews his attempts to reach his partner but is restrained
by Thom. George, having recovered from David's blow, rolls Bob onto his back and delivers a standing knee
drop into the crotch, mashing Bob's own hands deeper into the hurting nuts. He is now in a great deal of pain and

No longer able to control himself David, violently pushes Thom to one side and charges into his
opponents corner. He takes a wild swing at George but misses since George was expecting him. The force of the
swing carries David into the corner where Ralph, still standing on the floor, reaches through the ropes and jerks
David off his feet. Unfortunately, he lands on Bob forcing his hands deeper into his hurting balls and knocking the
remaining breath from his lungs. George quickly pulls David to his feet and throws him across the ring and back
first into his own corner.

The ref meets him there and begins a severe berating for striking the ref and forces
David to leave the ring. Meanwhile, Ralph reaches into Bob's trunks and manages to remove the protective cup,
exposing Bob to further potential for abuse. Ralph places the cup into his own trunks arranging his cock and balls
so that there can be no proof of what has occurred. He had deliberately not worn a protective cup in case this
opportunity arose. George seizes the opportunity, and Bob's balls, as he locks a two fisted nut cracker on his
now defenseless victim. Bob screams in a great deal of pain, but George keeps squeezing the hold until he sees
Thom start to turn from the corner. He then releases the hold and tags in his partner. While Ralph is entering the
ring, George pulls Bob to his feet and throws him chest first into the ropes. As he bounces off the ropes, he is
meet with a forearm blow across the lower back. Bob drops to his knees from the forearm, but is lifted to his feet
by Ralph. Ralph lifts him over his head and performers a back breaker across his knee. This is repeated twice

The fourth time Ralph raises him into the air however, he bounces off the rope and brings Bob to the mat in
a power slam. Bob's lower back is a great deal of pain. Ralph drags Bob to his corner and applies a Boston crab
while facing the corner. Seizing the first available opportunity, George unloads a roundhouse fist into Bob's
exposed and now totally vulnerable crotch, nailing his balls. "Thom, watch the damned fist from outside the ring,"
David bellows as he again charges into the ring. As Thom forces David back to his corner, Ralph releases one leg
and throws an elbow into his opponents crotch, smashing and grinding his balls. This is more than Bob can
tolerate and he screams his submission. However, since Thom is across the ring and David is shouting at him, the
referee misses the first submission giving Ralph and George time for three more punches to Bob's swelling nuts.
Finally however, Thom hears the submission and calls for the break. Ralph releases the hold, delivers a stomp to
Bob's lower back and then exits the ring. "Hey watch the extra blows. The man submitted and the fall is over
with," Thom yells at Ralph as he exits the ring. "As the rules state there is a 20 minutes intermission before the
next fall."

Thom glances at his watch and sees the time is 8:40, as he wipes the perspiration off of his face. As
Bob lays curled up in a little ball on the mat, cupping his aching balls and trying to cope with the considerable
agony inflicted on his family jewels and manhood, David goes over to Thom. "Hey, how about applying the rules
like your being paid to do. Damned, you let them get away with fists, outside interference and every damned thing
else." Thom yells back "Maybe if you stayed in the corner like you were supposed too, I could keep an eye on
them. But if you keep charging in the ring all the time, I can't be two different places at once." David is infuriated
by Thom's comments and grabs him by the collar. "Well, you little bastard, if you would do your duty, I wouldn't
have to charge into the ring to protect my partner from the opponents and a worthless asshole of a referee like
you." In a very controlled but authoritative voiced Thom replies "Get you damned hands off me, and if you touch
me again, you'll forfeit the match and as the contract states the title does change hands on a disqualification. I
suggest you get your act together before you find yourself as an ex-champion." As Thom has been talking he
pushes David back into the corner and with the last comment jabs him in the chest with his finger and then turns
and walks away. David is seeing red at this point.

Thom goes back to the center of the ring and looks at his
watch which reads 8:50, meaning that 10 minutes have elapsed. He calls for the next fall to begin. Bob is still is a
lot of pain but has managed to get to his feet. "Hey come on. We are supposed to have 20 minutes and it hasn't
been that long yet," complains David. "It is know 8:50 and the last fall ended at 8:30 which means 20 minutes
have elapsed and it is time for the second fall to begin, so lets get started." Bob manages to get back to his feet
with a little help in the neutral corner, but his balls are still in considerable pain. As Thom signals for the match to
begin, Ralph charges into the corner, seizes Bob by his right arm and executes an arm drag. Bob hits the mat and
the little wind he managed to recover is once again knocked from his lungs. Ralph pulls him to his feet and slings
him across the ring into George's knee.

Bob bounces off the knee with a scream and collapses to the mat. Thom
goes over to warn George about outside interference and, of course, David begins screaming and yelling "Come
on, Thom, stop the double teaming. Why don't you assholes fight fair?" Ralph stretches Bob's left leg out and
holds it by the ankle. He tags George, who enters the ring by leaping over the top rope and landing with his right
foot on Bob's outstretched knee. David begins going crazy at this and starts yelling at Thom and walking up and
down the ring apron. Thom walks partway across the ring to warn David to stay in his corner, and as Ralph exits
the ring, he delivers a short kick to Bob's crotch. George pulls Bob out into the middle of the ring and delivers a
series of knee drops to the left knee. He next applies a step over toe hold with as much pressure as possible
placed on the knee. Bob is in considerable pain now, not only his knee, but also his back and crotch. Slowly Bob
begins to make his way over toward his corner. Just as he gets within range for a tag, Ralph jumps in the ring and
starts for the two wrestlers.

Seeing this Thom intervenes. "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing. Get the
fuck out of the ring now," he screams as he forces Ralph back toward his corner. Meanwhile, Bob tags David
who charges into the ring. George drops the leg and backs up as David comes into the ring. "Hey, Thom, get this
asshole out of here. He can't just come in any time he wants too." Thom approaches David, "Hey, out of the ring.
You have to wait for a tag." "What in the hell are you talking about. We did tag, but you were too busy allowing
yourself to be distracted" "Look I didn't see a tag, so there was no tag, now get out of the ring" "Shit, Thom.
You're a better ref than that. That has got to be the oldest damned trick in the book. Use your fat head for
something how about it." As the argument rages between David and Thom, George drags Bob back to his corner
and prepares him for the next torture. Bob's neck is placed across the lower rope. George then lifts Bob's feet
and applies a Boston crab. Now the pain of the crab is not only situated within his lower back, but also his neck
as he is choked. Bob's only recourse was to try to get his neck off the rope, by using his hands to lift himself up.
However, not having the strength to dislodge George, this simply furthers the pain in his lower back. Ralph enters
the ring, slips around to face Bob's exposed basket and nails him with a couple of quick short jabs into the
helpless balls.

Seeing this over Thom's shoulder further infuriates David and he tries to go help his partner, but
Thom is having none of that. "Hey Bob, where the hell is your partner? Oh, never mind I see him. He is keeping
the ref busy for us so that we can have all the fun we want with you over here," Ralph taunts Bob. Finally, David
pushes Thom away and charges across the ring. George sees him coming, drops the crab and warns Ralph.
However, David manages to get a shot to the back of Ralph's head before he can react. There is a flurry of hands
and arms as David goes after George, who is fending him off as best as he can. Ralph recovers and manages to
deliver a kidney punch to David's back. He then grabs him by the arm and the back of the head, charges David
across the ring and tosses him over the top rope near his corner. David tries to grab the ropes to help break his
fall but only manages to catapult his lower back full force across the edge of the ring apron, as he drops to the
floor in pain. Thom manages to recover and sends Ralph out of the ring. In the meantime, George has begin
working on Bob's left knee with a series of blows, knee drops and stomps while near their corner. Then in full
view of Thom, George drives both hands into Bob's crotch and applies a vicious nutcracker to his swelling
basket. Thom forces George to break the crotch claw. He gets between Bob and George and reads George the
riot act. While Thom is not looking, Ralph pulls the left leg of Bob under the ropes and, while holding onto the
ankle, wraps the knee around the turn buckle with as much force as possible.

Thom turns around at Bob's
scream and warns Ralph about outside interference. George pulls Bob back into the center of the ring and applies
a figure four with the pressure on the left knee. David manages to recover and climbs back up into the ring and
starts after George. Seeing this Thom intervenes and begins sending him back toward the corner. Taking
advantage of this opportunity, Ralph enters the ring running. He rebounds off the ropes and drops across the
tangle of legs in the figure four. George has maneuvered his leg such that his boot is resting in Bob's crotch as
Ralph entered the ring, such that when Ralph lands on the figure four not only does he increase the pressure on
the knee tremendously, but also forces George's boot deep into the abused balls. Bob lets out a tremendous
scream, which further infuriates David, but Thom manages to prevent him from going to his partner's aid. Ralph
repeats the maneuver and Bob feels something in his left knee give and with the tremendous pain, screams his
submission. Ralph rolls out of the ring before Thom can see him, and as Thom turns, Bob is repeating his
submission over and over. Thom calls for the match to be over, George releases the hold, and exits the ring.
Thom goes to the floor and announces "Ralph and George have won two out of three falls and are the new
tag-team champions." He then turns to them and says "Help me get Bob out of the ring and onto the floor here."
David is absolutely beside himself with rage at this turn of events. As Thom re-enters the ring to check on Bob,
he is grabbed by David who delivers a right to the jaw.

David then lifts him from the mat and slings him off the
ropes and delivers a knee to the midsection double Thom up on the mat. While this has been occurring, Ralph
and George pull Bob from the ring and gently lay him on the floor. They then enter the ring and attack David from
behind. First, George throws an upper cut forearm between David's spread legs and nail his balls. Then after a
series of punches and blows to the head, back and abdomen, each one grabs an arm and holds him up as Thom
gets to his feet. "You fucking little son of a bitch. I'll teach you to attack a referee with a lesson that you will never
forget," Thom screams as he delivers an instep kick into the crotch of the spread eagled David. But David is also
wearing a protective cup and it absorbs some of the blow. His balls are intact but David still feels the force
behind Thom's kick. Thom walks over and shoves his hands deep into David's trunks. He feels around until he
can roughly remove the cup, raking it over the balls. "This way you can get the full effect of my kick, " Thom
taunts as he steps back and measures the distance. The instep kick sails towards the target and lands dead
center. Twice more the instep kick is repeated. Lightning bolts of pain shoot up from David's crotch like a hot
flame as the kicks find their mark. He screams as the pain and nauseous feelings rise from his crotch and
stomach. "Tie him to the ropes,"

Thom demands. Ralph and George quickly move their hurting opponent to the
rope and binds his arms between the upper and middle ropes. Thom rips the trunks and jock strap from the big
muscle hunk and stuffs the sweaty jock into David's mouth. "Okay, if each of you gentlemen will grab a leg and
hold it up." Looking at each other with puzzlement, Ralph and George do as they are asked. David is now totally
helpless. His partner is totally out of action on the floor. His arms are bound in the ropes. His mouth is stuffed
with his own musty jock strap to muffle any screams. His legs are being help up and spread wide apart by two
powerful dirty wrestlers leaving his naked crotch and manhood fully exposed. Thom calmly walks up and grabs
David's balls in his left hand. He draws back his right hand and delivers a powerful karate thrust into the balls,
while his left hand acts as a backstop for the action. David screams and chokes on the jockstrap and tries to
clamp his legs together for protection. But Ralph and George, who have his legs tightly held, laugh and separate
them even farther. Thom begins a series of thrusts and punches with his right hand into the exposed balls flattening
them against his left fist. Finally, David passes out from the intense pain in his rapidly swelling balls. "Okay, let him

Listen, I've got to get some help for Bob there. Considering the condition his knee is in I don't think you
guys are going to have to worry about a rematch within the 3 months allowed for in the contract. But just to be
sure, why don't you talk this piece of shit back to the dressing room and have a little fun. Now, no damage but
I'm sure you can come up with a way to make sure he doesn't demand his rematch. I'll join you as soon as Bob is
taken care of. Oh, and don't worry about David complaining to anybody. I mean after all, everyone knows I am
a honest and straightforward referee--at least to those assholes that deserve it." Ralph and George laugh as Ralph
picks up the battered hunk and throws Him over his shoulder. Ralph wraps his fist tightly around the swelling balls
as they head for the dressing room. "George, did you bring you shaving kit. I mean everyone knows that pussies
keep their bodies shaved and this is just one big pussy after all." Thom watches as the new champions took their
prize to the dressing room and then walks over to the phone to get help for Bob. As he dials Thom says to
himself "Bob, oh boy your partner got you into a lot of trouble. And he hit a referee as well. But don't worry, he'll
pay for both of those tonight and who knows maybe longer as well, maybe a lot longer as well."

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