Teds Boxing Lesson Story

I saw him there. He was sitting on a bench next to a boxing ring taping up his hands. It was after hours but the gym still smelled of sweat and leather. I talked to this guy over the internet. His name was Bob. He sent me a pic of himself but damn he looked better in public. He looked up and saw me.
"Hey Ted, I was expecting you. So your into erotic boxing huh?"
I stood there for a second dumbfounded by his good looks and finally managed to say "Y-y-yeah."
"Go down the hall there Ted, I've already set up the equipment you'll need in the back room."
I turned and went down the hall. I couldn't wait to slip on the gloves and go a couple of rounds with Bob. He was everything I've always dreamed of. 6pac abs, muscular and knock-out gorgious.

I walked into the room and I saw he had a pair of 12oz. Red gloves, a pair of red trunks and red headgear. As I put on the equipment a thousand questions were going through my head. I had only talked to this guy a week and now I'm boxing with him. I've never shared my fantacy's before, will he think my ideas are stupid? After I got the equipment on I cleared all thoughts from my head and started to shadowbox in front of a full length mirror. I had to psych myself out. Now I know why pro boxers shadowbox.
I made my way back down the hall where I saw that Bob was already in the ring. He had on white trunks and a pair of black gloves. When I got into the ring I noticed that his gloves were smaller in ounce than mine.
"Hold on a sec Bob, aren't those gloves lighter than mine?"
"Yeah, so?" he smirked.

"I thought we were gonna be equally matched in this fight. Don't you have some 12's like mine?"
He gave me a weird look but obeyed and stepped out of the ring. He layed the 8oz gloves on the bench and dissapeared behind a door marked equipment. He come back wearing a pair of white 12oz gloves. He looked even sexier now that he was all decked out in white.
"Are you ready for this?" he asked with a smile on his face.

I nodded and we began to circle each other. I could tell this guy was good. I've boxed before but not since my amateur days in college. That was about 5 years ago. I haven't kept up my practice since then. But I was still in great shape but not as great shape as Bob.
We continued to circle each other trading light shots when all of a sudden, "WHAM!"
An overhand right caught me on the side of the head and made me see stars. I started to wobble backwards. Before I could tell him to take it easy Bob came at me with lefts and rights to the gut. Each punch felt like it was going through me and out my back. Before long he got me into the corner. Before I knew what was going on he took my arms and tied them over the top rope. Then he took the second rope and tied it over my forearm.
Bob got in my face and said, "It isn't gonna be hard getting you to submit."

I was still a bit stunned. I watched him climb out of the ring and he went to get the black 8oz gloves agian!
"We're gonna have some fun now!" he laughed.
"Bring it on bastard!" I taunted. I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that I was in no position to talk to him like that, but at the moment I was overtaken by fantacy and rage. This was all I've ever dreamed of.
He started to dance in front of me. This guy must have done this before, I couldn't get my arms free to defend myself.
He went to town on my abs, working them over with a shower of lefts and rights. My abs were on fire and he was starting to break me down slowly.
After about 5 minutes he stopped and asked, "Had enough slave?"
"Fuck you!" I said in between shallow breaths.
"I see you need some more dicipline." said Bob.

He started to bang my head around with a flurry of left's and rights. I could barely see the streaks of black leather slamming into my face. This guy must be a pro fighter! It didn't take long for a cut to open up on my lip.
"Had enough slave?" he asked again.
I knew this time I'd better say something because I couldn't take anymore.
"Yes sir." I said weakly.
"Say I submit." he mocked.
"I...submit." I panted.
He released my arms and let me fall to my knees. He pulled down his trunks and revealed his 8 inches of manhood. He slid it into my mouth and started to face fuck me. He shot a huge load down my throat.
"Thanks slave." he said, "You're not bad for a beginner." he laughed.
That's the last thing I remember as his left glove came crashing into my face once again.

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