Test of Strength Fight Story

I was perhaps a day or two away from Phoenix, when I noticed a tall, lanky young man hitchhiking in the same direction I was headed in. He had a medium sized athletic bag around his shoulders and it hung down sort of behind him. When my car stopped and he caught up with where I had finally stopped, he threw his bag in the back seat and got in on the rider’s side. When I turned to begin talking with him, he was really a very handsome young man with sort of nice, shorter styled curly hair. It came down over his ears just a little, but it was nice length. His eyes looked like they might be dark brown, but in the car, it was just a little dark to be able to swear to their color. After talking for awhile, it got close to 5:30 P.M., and I began looking for a place to eat supper. We finally got within half mile of a Truck Stop. They usually have pretty good food at the Truck Stops, so we pulled in there, when we saw it. We got out and walked in, found us a booth to sit in and sat down. Almost immediately, a waitress brought us some menus and ice water.
Before I even looked at the menu, I realized that I had not introduced myself yet. “By the way, my name is Roger Williams, what’s yours?” He had a friendly smile on his handsome face and said, “Luke Johnson.” “Where are you from, Luke?” “Oh, I’ve lived in Sioux City, Iowa most of my life.” We shook hands and while I was shaking his hand, I noticed that he had some very large, strong hands. “Luke, I just noticed that you are a pretty good sized guy. How tall are you anyway?” “I’m 6’ 3” tall.

I appear kind of skinny looking because of my height. But I am still running about 220 pounds.” “You’re 220 pounds? Impossible! How old are you?” “Oh, I just turned 19 year old. And most of my weight is in my long legs.” I couldn’t tell how big his legs were, ‘cause he was wearing some of those new style, wide legged trousers. I said, “Man, you must have some huge legs under those baggy jeans, because with pants like you’re wearing, I’d never be able to tell. Quite a bit of those 220 pounds would HAVE to be in your legs!” “Yeah, well you’re right. My thighs ARE pretty solid and strong. Some guys compare my thighs to boulders, ha!” Ever since before my high school days, my legs have been pretty big sized. In fact, once they got me in a little bit of trouble. Back in high school one time, when we were all kind of wrestling around a little bit, I discovered that my legs were pretty darn strong. When I was wrestling with this other guy about my age, he dove down for my legs, to catch them and then tried turn me over and put me in one of his favorite holds, the ‘Crab leg Torture twist! Well, I twisted, struggled, and before he knew it, I had grabbed his head and shoulders and pulled him way up high between my thighs, which are about 28” around, and hard as a rock! And I began to squeeze him with my legs. And just the feeling of his warm body, squirming between my boulder hard thighs, felt really good! I had held him helpless between my long legs for about 10 minutes, just steadily squeezing him.

Then I discovered that he’d been crying! I finally unhooked my ankles and let him go free. He didn’t jump up right away, so a couple of other guys and I, helped him up and he was hurting like crazy! So we carried him into the training room. One of the baseball trainers looked him over told him that he had two broken ribs. And asked him what happened. He told him he had just been careless and had bumped really hard into a piece of exercise equipment. “You did?! You don’t have any outward cuts or scratches! Just black and blue bruises under your skin..” That’s when he turned and walked out to where we were. We helped him back to the gymnasium.”

“What an incredible story Luke, did it really happen?” “It sure did. That’s when I discovered that squeezing someone with my legs feels real good!! I love it when I can trap someone between my legs. Nobody’s ever gotten free from my Bodyscissor holds.”

After we’d talking about my favorite subject, we paid our dinner bill and walked back to my car. After riding for about an hour, I spotted a “Motel 6” that I decided would be our overnight layover. “Do you want to split a room for the night?” I asked Luke He agreed. “Why not.” I went in and checked, and all they had was a room with a King Size bed in it. “What do you think?” I asked Luke. “Fine with me!!” So we carried just enough clothes into our room that we would need that for the next day’s ride. The first thing Luke did after I opened the door was to take a leaping jump on the bed. Face down.. “Man, it really feels great to stretch out after riding in car for so many miles.” Meanwhile, I had just walked into the bathroom to take a leak. When I came out, Luke was almost ready for his shower. He’d removed his baggy sweater and shirt, and stood there looking at himself in the big dresser mirror. “I’m really not all as skinny as you thought I was.” “Shoot, no! Your upper body is slim but muscular too. Your shoulders seem to be almost a mile wide.” Just then Luke raised his arms up for a big wide double biceps pose. “You like my arms Rog?” “Wow! How could I NOT like arms like yours. And look at those Delts!! They are fantastic. Your shoulders really DO look a mile wide!!“ Next, Luke undid his belt and dropped his pants down around his ankles and I finally got to see his incredible legs. “Holy cow! Your legs are muscular, Luke!! And look at the size of those thighs.“ Luke just stood there with his long, very muscular legs apart about two feet. While he stood there, he showed me how he could flex and relax his huge thighs. “Hey, you really love my legs, don’t you?” “Well, look at those quads? How could anybody not notice them!?” “Yeah, well they’ve always been pretty big and strong. You‘d better be careful, or someday, you may find yourself between my scrawny legs. Ha-ha-ha!” “He then turned and walked into the bathroom to take his shower. I shook my head in disbelief.. How could anybody have such powerful legs. He’s 6’ 3” tall and his legs are long AND thickly muscled.

I don’t think he realizes how fortunate he is! I kicked my shoes off and sat way up high on the bed with my back against the headboard, and my legs stretched out. Pretty soon Luke came out of the bathroom shower. All he had wrapped around his waist was one of long motel towels. .He dropped the towel, and pulled out a pair of his short briefs, and put them on. Then he sat in the easy chair right next to the bed. We could see each other pretty well. And while we were watching TV, Luke kept playing with his left calf muscle. His left leg was bent and resting on the edge of the bed where I was. . He’d kept moving, and twisting his left foot which made his left calf muscle jiggle under his tanned skin. I couldn’t help but love how his calf muscle looked. It looked so rock hard! “Hey man, you’ve been watching me ever since I came out of the shower. You’re in love with these calf muscles of mine, aren’t you?“ Then he stood up and came over and stood next to me. I casually reached down and wrapped my hands around his giant calf muscle. “That’s a huge muscle, Luke!” He then walked towards the TV set and grabbed hold of it, then turned around and stood way up on is tip toes, so that his calf muscles bulged way out with a ridges that looked harder than rock “Man, you‘ve got some huge calves!! Then all of a sudden, Luke flopped down on the bed and lifted his left leg up and laid it over me. “Ooooff.”.. I moaned out...... “Now you can’t get up.” “But it feels so good.” My hands begin to lightly rub up and down his thick thighs. “Your legs are so beautiful Luke.” “Yeah, but my leg’s got you pinned. You’ll never be able to lift these solid legs off your chest Rog.” I tried to lift myself up and when I did, Luke shoved his other leg underneath me. “Oh boy, I think I know what you’re gonna do to me now!” “But you really love these legs so much, I’m gonna let you taste them. He then hooked his ankles together.

I could now sense how very powerful his legs are! Now I could feel those rock-hard thighs squeeze against my ribs. My hands pushed and shoved against his massive thighs, which now felt like a steel vise around my body. I turned to look up into his handsome face, and to beg him not to hurt me too bad. Just then, his quads swelled way out like boulders under his tanned skin, as he begin to really squeeze me. Those huge thighs felt like I had a giant Python tightening around my body!! He was just playing with me! All of a sudden, he grabbed my shoulders and his legs lifted my body up in the air over the bed. He then let me fall down on the bed from about 3 feet. “WHOOAaaa!!“ Then he loosened his grip just a bit, and I thought I’d have chance to escape his powerful Scissors hold Just as I had both my arms under his huge thighs, and started to attempt to lift them off of me, and be able to squirm free, he laughed, then reached down and pulled me way up, higher between his thick thighs, and then began to tighten his powerful thighs around me even harder than before. Now I could REALLY feel the tremendous crushing power he has in his long legs!! Now his Bodyscissors feels just like the grip my good friend, Mark always has me in.” “How does it feel to be a helpless prisoner between my legs Rogs? “You’re finally getting what you’ve wanted all along, aren’t you!! I could tell how much you really wanted to feel my legs. You really loved my calves. You’ve been staring at my legs all day, hoping to see what they looked like. Not only do you know what they LOOK like now, but your ribs know what they FEEL like. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! My legs are like a steel vice around your burning ribcage. HA! Now I‘ve got your arms underneath my powerful legs too!!” By now my arms were being squeezed against my body, useless. C‘mon Luke. Don’t squeeze me any more, OK? I Have had enough for right now. You really love to hold your victims helpless between your legs don’t you All at once he unhooked his ankles and pushed me away with his legs. “I wanted to show you something Rog.” He then went out to the car and brought my Volleyball in. “I’ve always wanted try this!” While just standing there, he bend over and placed my Volleyball between his thighs. The he stood straight up and began to squeeze his legs together against my Volleyball. And for 30 or 40 seconds, squeezed it harder and harder with those 28” thighs. BOOM!! Went the ball as it exploded..

It was about time for me to take a shower now. I’d be out in a ‘bout five minutes. As I stood under the shower; my chest was still aching from the awful powerful squeezing pressure his legs exerted against my chest, when those unbelievable legs were in total control. When I finished, I put on my short pajama bottoms and came out, and got into bed again. I was secretly hoping I’d get to feel the power of Luke’s legs again. As soon as I hunkered down under the covers, Luke asked me, “Are you okey? I mean, my legs didn’t do too much damage, did they?” “Maybe.. but I DID find out how damn strong your legs are!”
“I’ve got to admit, my love for other guy’s powerful legs. I’ve never known anybody with legs like you’ve got Luke. You have no idea how much power your thighs have, when you begin to squeeze someone.” “Well, I did get an idea back in high school when hurt some of my friends. But, do you know what? After that, I’ve squeezed all my buddies at home with my legs. And to just feel someone’s warm body, squirming between my, strong legs, trying to get free, has become very exciting to me.. My massive thighs love to find something to squeeze, nearly all the time. Sometimes they just shake with excitement when I get close to scissoring someone between them.. Anything at all. Even a large, huge pillow will do.

I was over to my folk’s house one Thanksgiving weekend and they had this small round hassock in the TV room. While my dad and I were watching a football game, I pulled this hassock over with my feet and then pulled it up between my thighs. My dad was watching me as began to scissor it with my legs. I had shorts on, and I could see my thighs bulge way out as I begin to really crush this hassock. In just about 15 seconds, it burst open and all this tightly wound straw came exploding out all over the TV room. My dad laughed and said, “that sure shows me how damn strong your legs are son! Now clean up this mess.” Sometimes if I’m just walking through a park with my short cutoffs on, and there’s some bum sitting or laying on the ground, I sit down beside him and begin a conversation, and before he realizes what‘s happened, his hands are pounding against my bare, powerful thighs, trying his best to pull my legs apart. I just love holding them helpless between my legs, while I reposition him over and over again, and crush him with all the different muscles in my thighs. They just fight and squirm and yell, but nobody can hear them. Pretty soon they’re out of breath, their mouths open up and nothing comes out. Then they’ll push and tug at my rock-hard thighs, until they’re unconscious. As soon as they go limp, I relax my 28” thighs from around their bodies and let them fall freely away. They’re usually writhing or completely unconscious on the grass. Most of the time, they’ll end up in the hospital. And when they say what happened to them, the hospital thinks he may be nuts. Some of them, I‘ll hold between my legs for as long as I want. One time, I held a guy for about four hours! . Whenever they even look like they’re gonna yell, I just tighten my legs around him even harder, and warn him to shut the hell up! Anymore loud screaming, and it will the last time they’ll ever yell anything ever, again! A couple of them weren’t even conscious when I let them go.

Very soon after we finished talking, I hunkered down under the covers and then I wrapped my arms around his huge, warm, solid thighs. I had the most comfortable feeling just holding his massive thighs in my arms, and rubbing my cheeks back and forth against the hair covering his muscular warm thighs. I then bent way down and kissed the solid calves of his legs. They’re soooo beautiful! Luke laughed and said, “Hey Rog, haven’t you had enough of my legs yet?” Then he took me by my shoulders and then pushed me further down, then he lifted his legs up and wrapped them around my chest like a Boa Constrictor. Oh, they felt so good!! My hands could now rub up and down his tremendously hard, muscular thighs as they begin to tighten around me once again. This time, I did not feel them loosen up. Luke and I both became very tired and went to sleep. By daybreak, I was still cuddled between Luke’s long, muscular legs. It felt so warm and powerful and secure. Massive thighs, that could easily kill me, anytime they felt like it. Those thick muscular legs still held me. Good bye cruel world. I would have been ready to be crushed to death, if Luke wanted to... Luke has the most beautiful, most powerful legs I‘ve ever seen! He was always tanned, his legs were long, and heavily muscled. His Bodyscissors hold was the most incredibly painful hold I’d ever felt. And he knew exactly how much pressure I could withstand. It was like having a Python wrap around my chest, and slowly swallow me up in it’s coils. After the first few times, he knew precisely how much squeezing I could take.

Oh, what unbelievable legs he‘s got. . Nobody’s got legs like Luke‘s. Legs like his, I’ll never, ever forget. Never!

The next afternoon, we stayed at a Holiday Inn room. When we walked into the room, Luke just leaped on the bed on his stomach. Today, Luke had been wearing his very short cutoff jeans. He laid there all sprawled out on his stomach. I could see his wide shoulders and arms all spread out., face down on the bed, and the back of his bare legs were spread wide apart. What a beautiful sight! I went over to where his legs were resting, bent over and began to massage his powerful hamstring muscles. They were so hard that it became impossible to grab hold of any part, of his rear upper leg and massage it. He moaned in pleasure as my hands gripped and kneaded his hamstrings. Hard as concrete! Then my fingers went down to the very long, rounded mounds of his thick tanned calf muscles. Long, beautiful and hard with muscles. I began to try to rub and massage his great, thick huge calf muscles and found it hard to do. He kept stretching his toes, which made those beautiful, huge calves just bulge out like big chunks of muscle, that they were. And he laughed. “Now, I just thought of a job for you to do every afternoon.

I’m ordering you to give my entire legs a GOOD rubdown every single afternoon. And if you Don’t. . . . you can expect to be a prisoner between my long, strong legs, for at least an hour every night. I can’t swear that my legs won’t hurt you, but what the hell, you seem to love and worship my legs every minute anyway, don’t you??!! About that time I laid down right beside his beautiful body. My eyes were about level with his armpits. He pulled me against his muscular body. Then he turned on his side and lifted his right leg up and laid it across my body. With my arms, I pulled his huge thigh up close to my lips so that I could softly rub them back and forth across the light, soft hair of his legs. He enjoyed it as much as I did. So I spent several minutes just adoring his magnificent legs, by brushing my lips back...and....forth over his heavily muscled thighs. I hugged his legs with my arms, and would ALWAYS love the rock-hard thighs when he tightened them for me. He knows I love to worship his powerful legs. And he enjoys it as much as I do. Then my hands worked down towards his giant calf muscles. I rubbed my fingers in and out and all around his most beautiful calf muscle. He kept flexing and relaxing them knowing that’s exactly what I loved to feel. I felt so secure holding his thick, muscular thigh in my arms. Before too long, we both became tired and fell asleep.. What a feeling. And sometimes, I’d even dream about Luke’s legs. Truth be known, I’d love to dream about them every night.

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