War Wrestling Fight Story

Six months later………..I had been transferred to another base and was going to PT (Physical Therapy) when I overheard 2 guys talking about “Eric”. I could tell by the way they were discussing him in an excited tone that they were talking about THE Eric. I slowed my pace way down so I could hear what they were saying. I couldn’t believe my luck! Eric was going to be having a match on my new base in a few nights. My cock stirred at the mere thought of getting to see him rip apart another helpless victim. As I picked up my pace, I made a mental note to clear my calendar for that evening…….I wanted to make sure I was in the front row. I wanted to see this muscle monster up close….I wanted to smell the sweat as he flexed those gigantic muscles as he put them to work again!

The night of the match came, and as I had promised myself, I was in deed in the front row……inches away from the ring. I was so close, I was going to feel like I was part of the match. I couldn’t wait to see Eric and check out that massive physique of his. I was sure he had probably packed on more muscle mass, although, I didn’t see how that was humanly possible. I well remember how he looked 6 months ago…..every inch of his body was covered in LAYERS of muscle.

The time went by fast as everyone around was recounting scenes of Eric wrestling and tearing guys apart that had heard about or had actually seen themselves. Not in 1 story did anyone mention about Eric losing or even coming CLOSE to losing a match. This guy was 100% undefeated and it was no wonder. With his size, power and skill, who could touch him?

My thoughts were interrupted by the crowd yelling from the back of the warehouse. My heart pounded with anticipation. The challenger was making his way to the ring. I had to do a double-take to realize it was not Eric. This guy was a muscle monster himself. He reminded me a lot of Eric. Brute was an Iraq war hero and weighed in at 350# of pure raw muscle! He looked amazing……his lats were thick and wide…his back was layered with hard ass muscle and his arms were massive. He had naturally dark skin and it was easy to tell that his bodyfat was very low. My inspection of Brute was quickly ended as the crowd erupted in wild screams and hoots and hollers of America’s war hero. Eric made his way slowly through the crowd as everyone wanted to grab onto his gigantic muscular physique as he walked by. I was no exception and as he passed the front row, I reached out and slipped my fingers around the peak of his left bicep. Eric turned and looked at me and instantly remembered me from his previous match at my base. “Hey dude……check out these guns now…….got another 3” for you to watch tonight”, and with that, he tore off his tee and brought his massive arms into a double bi shot that made my cock throb with excitement. “Go ahead bro……..take a feel of these pythons!”. As my hands tried to engulf his huge split, double bi peaks, I was sure that I would shoot a load in my pants. His peaks were like trying to get my hands around a basketball. His arms were just slightly smaller than my waist!! I had to tear my hands of his bis…..he could tell that I was loving doing a little muscle worship on him…..even if we did have an audience of about 10,000 men watching us.

Eric climbed in the ring and took his sweat pants off. There he was……standing inches from me and ready to tear apart yet another victim. He had already destroyed well over 1,500 men…..everything from a pin fall with a little humiliation to putting people in the hospital for months, to recover from the sheer destruction he dished out with the power of one of our tanks. My thoughts couldn’t have been more wrong as to whether he could grow his body anymore or not. Eric now weighed in at 408# with a 74” chest, 30” arms, 41” quads, 32” waist, 25” neck, 22” forearms, 28” calves and a 45” shoulder width. I am sure that my mouth never did close completely the entire time that Eric was in the ring. There are few words to describe what was standing in front of me. Obviously, I had never (and haven’t since) seen a man with as much muscle on him as Eric had. He was massive, huge, freaky, gigantic from his neck to his calves and every inch in between. Eric had managed to build a body that had defied anyone’s wildest imaginations. Between the two opponents, there was nearly 800# of muscle in the ring! I couldn’t imagine what we were about to see….but whatever it was, I was ready for it.

The time keeper gave them the rules and told them to go at it. The 2 behemoths met in the center of the ring and literally collided….muscle to muscle. Eric was wearing a pair of incredibly tight short spandex that was colored in camaflage with an Americam flag on the bulging crothch and against his tanned skin, he looked so fucking hot. His crotch looked as though it would burst, trying to keep Eric’s massive cock and balls contained in the small confines of his shorts. His huge quads flared out of the spandex on the front and cascaded down in wide ripples of rock hard muscle.

Brute had on black trunks that wrapped around his massive quads and showed off his huge glutes in the back. The front, like Eric's had his countries flag on his thick basket. Both men were in the bare feet. Their feet were planted in the mat as they jockeyed for control….pushing and grunting against each other’s massively muscular bodies. Eric got the upper hand and began to power Brute against the far turnbuckle. Brute’s back up against the corner, as Eric showered him with 5 rapid fists to his pecs. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM…….Brute looked like he had been winded, and any other opponent of Eric’s would have ended up on the mat after an assault like he just gave Brute. Eric turned to the cheering crowd and flexed his right bicep. A 30" peaked mound of muscle rose up from his arm. Suddenly Brute came out of the corner and landed a huge forearm to Eric’s head! Eric staggered and went down to 1 knee as Brute went after Eric’s traps with a series of fists of his own. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 massive slugs to Eric’s huge traps….Brute being trained to show no mercy what-so-ever on his opponents, kept working Eric’s mountainous traps. It didn’t Eric long to realize that he was going to be pulling out all the stops in this match against this powerhouse from Iraq. He got to his feet and immediately put Brute in a reverse headlock, with his massive arm wrapped tightly around Brute’s huge neck. Eric flexed his gun….not slowly and playfully as he would in a match against a smaller opponent, but with determination and a vengeance like he had never used in one of his matched before now. Eric could feel his peak attempting to grind away at Brute’s thick neck muscles. Eric repositioned his arm in an attempt to find the weakest spot to work on….hoping to bring the other massive man to his knees. Eric sucked in a lungful of air and flexed again……making his arms fill with blood……..the veins like ropes, standing at attention as his massive arm continued the work on Brute. Brute was moaning from the pressure of Eric's attach, all the while looking for an opportunity to break out of the reverse headlock. As Eric started to change positions, Brute found the opening he was looking for and grabbed Eric’s neck and draped it across his own massive traps and turned him around at the same time he sent them crashing to the mat. A swinging neck breaker did the trick as Eric landed on the mat as his neck snapped across Brute’s trap. Brute was the 1st one on his feet and immediately walked over to Eric, who was laying on the mat, his massive chest exposed and began to drive elbows into Eric’s pecs. Again and again, Brute’s 350# cam down across the huge chest of Eric….attempting to get the undefeated muscle monster weakened up. Brute grabbed Eric’s head and began to get him on his feet. As Eric came up he brought he massive arm between Brute’s legs and rammed his flexed forearm into Brute’s crotch….not just once, but 3 times. That brought Brute crashing to the mat and Eric wasted no time before he was working on the lats of his opponent with huge knees to each lat. Then stomps with his foot, using his massive quads as the power behind the stomps. Over and over…..Eric could taste victory…..he know that once he had the smaller man in his bearhug, this would just be one more for the win column. Eric actually was feeling a little cocky, being able to use all of his power and not having to feel like he was completely dominating his opponent. Eric interrupted his thoughts as he brought Brute to his feet, only to drive a knee into his gut which brought him down to his knees again. Eric happened to look my way and make sure that I was watching his every move (and I was). He was cocky as hell now that the blood had thoroughly engulfed his muscles and he could feel that raw surge of muscle power running at fell speed through his massive body.

Eric threw a huge body punch to Brute’s right arm….another…another…another. He whipped Brute into the corner closest to where I was standing. The ring shook so hard, I was sure it was going to blow apart. Eric walked over and again, looked in my direction, but was met with a fist to his own massive pecs which caused him to step back. This gave Brute time to drive a fist into his lower ab region. Brute stayed on Eric long enough to drive several more fists into Eric’s lower abs. Before the onslaught was through, Eric was on his back on the mat. Brute was much quicker than Eric and this proved to be to Brutes’ advantage as he climbed to the 2nd ring rope before Eric could get up and as he flew off the ring, he positioned his massive knee into Eric’s gut. 350# came crashing down into Eric’s relaxed abs. This caused Eric to roll onto his side and into the fetal position.

Little did Eric know, but Brute was just as blood thirsty as he was and had been trained by his military leaders to be a destruction machine. He could smell Eric'’ hesitation in the air and he had every intention of bring the big man down in front of his entire country who was watching on live remote cameras. The roar in the warehouse was deafening now. No one had EVER seen Eric on the mat…especially not in a fetal position in as much pain as he was in right now. I couldn’t believe my eye! It was hard not to concentrate on the size of these 2 men and the power they were displaying, but my mind could not get over on how Brute was able to not only absorb the devastating attack Eric was giving him, but also to actually be bringing Eric down as well.

Brute brought Eric back up for more………not wasting a second once he had Eric in position, he threw a massive heart punch into Eric’s right pec, making sure he lifted Eric’s arm above his head for maximum effect. Eric let out a massive groan as Brute’s fists felt like it had driven through his body. Brute concentrated on Eric’s pecs with more blows that seemed to come from every angle. With no warning at all, Eric grabbed Brute’s neck and clamped on a massive choke hold with his vise-like hands. Brute struggled against it, but before he launch any type of defense, Eric had used his power to throw Brute over the top rope and onto the concrete floor inches from where I was standing. The crowd (myself included) stepped back to try and give the 2 muscle men some room, as we were all sure they were not going to stop this battle just because they were now out of the ring. I was glad I had stepped back as much as I could because Eric jumped out of the ring and grabbed Brute’s head and got him to his feet, only to drive his back into the ring post. I could hear Brute’s back as it made contact with the thick steel post. Brute groaned in pain as his back arched back. Eric was tasting blood now. All he wanted to do was to get his arms wrapped around Brute’s thick upper torso and lock on the bearhug. He knew that’s all it would take before his hand was raised in another victory. Again, his thought were interrupted as pain swept over his entire mind and body as Brute drove his fist, powered by his 27” arm into Eric’s abs. Eric’s air rushed out of his lungs as Brute continued to flurry Eric with punch after punch. Even though Eric's massive arms held more muscle it was becoming clear that this Iraqie had more power in his punches. Brute could deliver punches with rapid fire succession. Brute grabbed Eric’s shoulders and drove his back into the ring apron causing Eric to yell as the steel drove itself across Eric’s lower back. Brute could see he was having a devastating effect on Eric’s back and continued to drive him into the ring apron several more times before he shoved Eric’s massive body back into the ring.
Eric had never had someone stay on him like Brute was able to do. Almost any other match Eric had been in, had been over by now and Eric would be in the shower, mentally replaying how he had devastated yet another opponent as he posed and flexed for himself (and anyone else that was lucky enough to be in the area). But instead, he felt Brute’s fist as it slammed into Eric’s rounded massive pecs. I noticed a smirk come across Brute’s face as his fist rammed into Eric’s lower back yet again. I wondered to myself if Brute was sensing his own victory against the USA muscle man? Brute knew all too well that Eric had never been defeated and he wasn’t about to let up on his opponent. I lost count on how many times Brute’s fists slammed into Eric's thick slabs of muscle that covered his chest. Every blow staggered the undefeated bodybuilder. Brute was the first man ever to move Eric with a punch to the pecs. I knew someone had trained this Iraq to be a machine and to take his opponents apart systematically.

The crowd was so wild and so loud by now that I couldn’t think anymore….I could only watch and wonder how long it would take Eric to gather his power and position himself to apply the bearhug. It had not entered my mind that the match would end any other way than to once again, see Eric wrap those massive arms around his victim’s lats and begin to squeeze the very life from them, until they had no choice but either suffer permanent damage from the hold or to submit and declare Eric the victor again. As Brute moved into position on Eric’s right side, he was met with a massive elbow that could be heard all over the warehouse. Brute was forced to stagger back as Eric whipped around and scooped Brute up and drove his back across the massive quad Eric had flexed before driving Brute'’ lower back across it. I couldn’t help but breath a sigh of relief. I was sure that this was going to be a replay of the other match I watched Eric dominate in. True, this match had not been the squash job for Eric the other match I had seen, but the man that made my cock throb every time he moved, was going to finish Brute off and make this warehouse of men all shoot their loads tonight before we could fall asleep.

Brute’s massive body hit the mat, the ring literally moved an inch. Eric got up and turned Brute over so his back was exposed to Eric and drove his elbow, powered by 408# of solid muscle into his back. I wasn’t much of a screamer, but I wanted Eric to put this Iraq away and show him the power that so many other men had had the unfortunate opportunity of feeling. Eric was focused on his attack and picked Brute up, again smelling his favorite perfume……..a man’s body growing weak in his grasp.

I could tell that Eric was back at full strength. Everymuscle was pumped on his body beyond beleif. His crotch filled his spandex, stretching the American flag even further as his cock thickened from the surging power that flowed through him.

MY cock jumped as I saw Eric visually sizing up Brute and deciding where the most devastating position would be to wrap his massive, sweaty arms around him. Eric grinned at me and bounced his two incredibly thick pecs twice. It was as if he had two rounded huge pillows of pure muscle under his skin. Eric's grinned showed he knew the fight was won and he wanted the world to see how an American muscleman wins a fight. As Eric pulled Brute’s muscular chest closer to his own and began to power up his body, I could feel my underwear form a cold wet spot on the front as my cock leaked uncontrollably. THERE IT WAS!!! Eric’s devastating bearhug was firmly locked on to Brute’s upper torso Eric massive and more muscular pecs surrounded Bruted. Both men's pecs here so hard it was as though two sets of bowling balls were being pushed into each other. I knew it was a matter of seconds before this match would be history and Eric would be once again walking by me….inches in front of me and I had already decided that, yes, I would be running my hands across his now sweaty, pumped up massive arms. Hell, if I thought I could get away with it, I would run my tongue up one of his gigantic arms and lick every ounce of sweat of his muscles. Spectators were giving each other congratulatory high fives all over the warehouse. There wasn’t a man there (or watching on TV that didn’t know that Eric was going to bring this man down with his bearhug). We had all seen and/or watched too many of his matches to not know that this was the end….for every man who had wrestled Eric and for Brute, tonight.

Eric had begun using the bearhug years ago….right after he started wrestling. With his size and power, it was a natural way to end a match. He was too powerful and his muscles were so enormous to be able to physically break out of the hold. The only way out was to submit and hope to hell that Eric would release the hold before any permanent damage was done. That, or you could lose consciousness as some of his victims did. The hold was so powerful that on many of Eric’s opponents, it shut their lungs down and acted as a sleeper hold. This was particularly devastating as Eric would keep the hold on them and drive them down to the mat with the hold firmly applied. FUCK!!! My mind could not fathom having 408# of muscle on top of me with a hold as powerful as Eric’s bearhug grinding into my lats and spine.

I brought my attention back to what Eric was doing in the ring and figured that he must be concentrating on putting Brute out on his feet with the hug since Brute had not yelled his submission to the timekeeper yet. I managed to get a look at Brute’s face and to my disbelief he was awake and his face was NOT etched in pain as I knew it had to be! This was unbelievable to me. And to Eric as well as he continued to grind his massive peaks into Brute’s lats and his dome like pecs into Brute's chest. I saw Brute mouth something to Eric which the close circuit microphones puicked up as.."Is that the best you got American ?" Brute’s arms were not limp and laying to the side of his upper body as they should be by now. This was all more than I could comprehend.

I wanted to climb into the ring so I could yell encouragement to Eric….I was sure that all he needed was for someone to get in there and encourage him to pour on a little more power and Brute would fall into submission. Instead, what I saw was Brute slowly work his right arm under Eric’s and then his left as he brought his own huge, muscular arms into position and began to power against Eric’s bearhug. This couldn’t be happening!! There was no way that a man…ANY man could match Eric’s power and strength. He was too huge….too massive to be matched! Yet, that was what Brute was doing as his huge arms flexed and bulged and worked their way higher and higher against Eric’s loud grunts and moans of exertion.

After about 45 seconds of straining against each other, Brute had managed to break Eric’s bearhug and Eric was thrown into the far turnbuckle with a huge crash. The ring shook violently as Eric’s lower back came crashing into the turnbuckle. The crowd's roars were deafening. Brute was lightening quick to get over to Eric and again, drove him across the ring to my side as his back crashed into the turnbuckle and shook the ring. I was sure the ring was about to collapse under the weight of these 2 huge muscle men, colliding with each other and their bodies with this ring.

Brute drove Eric to the mat where he exposed Eric’s back to him and began to drive a series of knees into the lower back region on the huge man. This couldn’t be happening! I was screaming, but so was everyone else in the arena for Eric to get up and fight this man. Eric’s winning streak was at stake….his reputation…..our country’s pride was at stake!!!! For the 1st time since this match got started, I was getting nervous and having thoughts that Eric may not be able to alienate this man.

I never should have allowed those thoughts into my mind…….it was only seconds after they entered my brain that Brute brought Eric to his feet and grabbed all 408# and hoisted him high into the air only to bring his own massive quad out, flex it until it felt (and looked) like steel, and then drive Eric’s back across it. As Eric felt his back pound against Brute’s quad, his mind could not function….there were no rationale thoughts going through it. He only knew he needed to get his body out of this hold…..somehow. Submitting had not ever been a part of his thought processes, and it wasn’t now either. He was asked repeatedly if he wanted to submit and each time was met with a resound…..FUCK!!!! NO!!!!!!

Brute kept stretching Eric’s massive back across his quad….forcing Eric’s quad and chest in 2 different directions. Eric had no idea that this was not the way Brute had intended to bring the champion down. All Eric did know was that he felt his body hit the canvas mat as Brute pushed him off his quad and the pressure on his back seemed to subside. Eric lay gasping for air and knew he needed to somehow get to his feet and create some type of offense if he were going to win this match.
He had little time to think of that, though. He never saw Brute because of how quick he was. Brute came up behind Eric and got into position to hoist Eric’s entire 408# of muscle off his feet and plant Eric’s back across his massive shoulders and traps. I stopped screaming immediately….I could not believe my eyes. There, in front of me was Eric’s massive physique stretched across Brute’s shoulders and Brute had no trouble holding him in position as he began to power down on Eric’s quad and arm….forcing them to be ground deep into his own powerful muscle.

I was in shock as I heard Eric’s screams of pain as Brute began to do motions like deep knee bends with Eric’s huge body on his shoulders….causing massive waves of pain to drive into Eric’s body over and over and over. Then, without warning, Brute was able to bounce Eric’s body, forcing it to feel like it would break in half, the weight working against Eric, causing more and more pain to work it’s way across his spinal column.

Never in his life, had Eric been in this position, where he was not the one dishing out the pain and the torture. Eric’s body still looked massive as it lay, stretched out on Brute’s shoulders and being bounced around like he weighed 200#, instead of 400#. It was only another minute before I heard the timekeeper ring the bell. I still could only thing that the time had run out on the match, but I knew better than that….Eric’s matches never had time limits. He never needed them….until now. He had always beaten his opponents in just a few minutes….or put on a show for the men and strung the match out until he had toyed with his victim long enough and put an end to the suffering.

Eric’s body came crashing down to the mat again, with a resounding thud as Brute released the backbreaker. As Eric lay on the mat, the timekeeper entered the ring with Eric’s championship belt. This couldn’t be happening!!! NO!!! NO!!! He walked over to where Brute was standing and raised his arm in victory as he handed him the belt that Eric had been wearing for 10 years. The international super heavyweight power wrestling championship now belong to Iraq instead of the USA! Brute began a long series of poses while he stood over the fallen Eric. Eric lay on the mat….his back throbbing from the torture and the pain he just endured. Never in his life had Eric felt such agony. He glanced up to see Brute hit a side chest pose as he looked my way. Brute jumped out of the ring and made his way to the side I was standing on. He walked up to me and hit a double bi shot, inches from my face. “Go ahead bro…..grab a feel of what just brought your hero down”. I grabbed his bi peak and tried to dent it with my fingers. It didn’t move, but actually grew harder as he flexed and relaxed it several times. “You better come back to my dressing room so I can take care of that problem you seem to have in your crotch”. My mind raced as I looked in the ring and saw Eric still laying on the mat, his back damaged from the torture Brute delivered……and then I looked at this massive arm that was in my face, flexed and fully engorged with blood. I hesitated for a minute………then wrapped my arms around the massive chest of the new Super Heavyweight Champion as we made our way back to his dressing room.

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