Wet Lifeguard Pool Sex Story

This is dedictaed to a co-worker and a true friend. Enjoy Smile
After a two-week business trip and a seven-hour flight, all I want is to get home and relax. After pulling into my garage late this August night, I look at my watch and notice it is almost 8:00 PM. I throw my suitcase on the bed and quickly changed into Speedos, shorts, tank, and flip-flops. Once I get back into my car with a six-pack in a small cooler, I head down to the community pool located on the farthest outskirts of my sub-division. I see the place is deserted except for only one other car as I pull onto the gravel parking lot. As soon as I unload the cooler and retrieve a beach towel from the trunk, I notice one seasonal lifeguard skimming the pool with a long staff and net.

�Are you closed?� I holler from the rod-iron gate.

�No, at nine,� answers the lifeguard. �With the schools opening earlier this year, most everyone went to the football scrimmage tonight.�

Walking across the deck, I watch the lifeguard skim the first of the fall�s leaves from the pool. He is tall, lean, but packs on more muscles than a swimmer�s build. His dark jumbled hair, summer burnt tan, and physical build lead me to ponder his popularity.

�I am just going to swim a few laps,� I state as I make a way to a deck chair.

While I stripped off down to my Speedos, the lifeguard answers, �Take your time, I think it�s just you and me now.�

As I dive into the water, I can still feel the warmth from the past summer�s heat wave over me. At 27, I am still proud of my appearance. Even though my new job takes me away from home at weeks on end, I still find time to be active amid my hectic schedule. Hotel pools, area gyms, and a pair of tennis shoes are my answers to maintaining my physical muscular mass.

After an exhausting, yet invigorating, 20 laps, I glide next to the ladder leading up to my chair. The lifeguard, finished of his nightly chores, sits on a picnic table to my right. �How was it?� he asks.

�I feel better. Too many hours traveling.�

�That explains why I haven�t seen you around much,� he starts. �My name is Mike.�

�Hey, I�m Robert,� I follow his initiation, �my job keeps me pretty busy.�

�Anything I can do for ya?� he poses with a smile.

�I know it�s against the rules, but can you hand me a beer from that cooler?�

Mike walks over and brings the cooler to my side of the pool. Once he sits and dangles his legs on the side, he pops two brews and hands one to me. �No worries.�

Following two beers each and a conversation of girls, sports, and his double lettering in swimming and wrestling two years prior when he graduated high school, I ask, �What are your next moves?�

Mike beams, �I am starting college this fall.�

�Congratulations!� and I splash up a wave of water.

Mike quickly scoots away from the side of the pool. �Dude, what the fuck?�

�I�m sorry,� I cautiously start, �what did I do?�

�Aw, nothing,� he begins, �I just didn�t come prepared today. That�s all.� Mike scoots back to the side of the pool. �I�m driving my dad�s car and he hates it when the seats are wet. I didn�t bring shorts to change into after a swim.�

�But you are a lifeguard.�

Before I could finish my apology, Mike stands up, and shucks his t-shirt and baggy trunks off. SPLASH! I watch as he circles back to the ladder. �See, no worries.�
�Oh,� is all I can say and I am charmed by his brilliant smile.

�Man, the water feels good.�

�I know,� taking another sip of beer.

Ploop! And Mike is gone. He submerges underwater as I turn around and face the pool. The night quickly casts a darkened hue over the pool and the automated lights spark to life beneath the surface. I watch his silhouette as he glides beneath the water toward the shallow end. In a burst, he erupts with a splash, �Man, this is great.�

�Better than winning the state wrestling final two years ago?� I invite.

Nothing. I hop between the lower and deeper end of the pool on a darkening fall night. Besides the repetitive chirping of crickets and lapping water, all is quiet around me. Suddenly, I feel two hands pulling me down beneath the water. Once I splash up and surface, I hear Mike laughing, �Man, I got you. I scared you real good.�

�Yeah, you did,� is my only reply as I bob along the water. �You got me good.� Then I ducked under water, turn, and lift Mike into a fireman�s carry. Once I pick him up out of the water, I proceed to carry him towards the shallower end of the pool. His bare body feels great against me as I parade his exposed body about.

�Dude,� Mike thrashes and chuckles �let me down.�

I take hold under one arm and thigh, lift him over my head, and after two quick squats, toss him back into the pool. Mike splashes back out, �Man, your crazy!� As he swims back toward me, he submerges under water and takes hold of my legs. Before I know it, he pulls them up, flipping me back under the water. Floundering about, I manage to firmly reestablish myself back into a standing position. �You little, shit! You�re as good as dead," I teasingly announce. But before I could focus in on my younger opponent, Mike comes at me from behind and places a headlock on me.

�There�s no way you can take me,� he starts with a laugh, �Remember I am the one who lettered in high school.� His grip is strongly tight as he walks me about the pool. Every few steps he dunks down and my mouth and nose fill with chlorinated water. The buoyancy of the water causes our stepping to be erratic. A couple of times Mike�s naked dick rubs against my legs. �Man, you�re nothin�� he says as he jokingly parades around. When he feels exceedingly confident with me in a secure hold, I reach down under water and pinch his firm ass. Instantly Mike releases the hold. �What the fuck, man?�

�Just be glad I didn�t goose you.�

Mike responds with a smile, �Oh, I think I hear a rematch.�


�I got you in a hold and you had to cheat to get out of it� he hoots as he glides beyond my reach.

�That was cheating?�

Mike stands and points across the pool�s deck. In a comical announcer voice, he broadcasts, �The match of the century will be held on the grassy slope just beyond those picnic benches.� And before I could utter a word, this nude summer imp swims over to the far side of the pool and disappears behind a picnic table.

I quickly swim back to the ladder leading up to my claimed deck chair and cooler. After rising out of the pool dripping wet and two extremely long swallows of beer, I begin to walk around the pool�s perimeter. When I come to the spot where Mike disappeared, I notice a beach towel draped over one wooden picnic table, a child�s pool toy, and an empty bottle of tanning oil. As my wet body adjusts to the night air, I walk between the picnic tables and discover a worn tarp positioned in a low grassy hollow area. Walking around this darkened spot of the pool�s property, I realize that I cannot see any night traffic from the road alongside the pool�s driveway. WHAM! Mike hits me from the side and we topple upon the tarp. Immediately, I smell coconut and banana oil mix together. He instantly recognizes my present surprise, and slips his body around and draws me up within the deepest hollow of his nook.

�Two can play at this,� I state as I lengthen my tired, prone, muscular body and attempt to keep hold of anything I struggle to grasp.

�You think so?� is Mike�s only response as he methodically hooks both his thumbs on the waistband of my Speedos and effortless slides the oiled cloth to my ankles.

�What are you doing?�

Mike answers back, �Just keeping our uniforms matched.�

I quickly kick off my freed fabric coverage, and attempt to grab Mike in a bear hug. To my surprise and instant gratification, my youthful challenger begins to hump me as I pull him closer. His 7-inch, thick dick throbs with each slither against my body. I look at my tan, muscular rival as he wipes his polished rod against my thighs and I feel sudden multiple sensations. As my own member grows with this non-verbal, slippery connection, Mike positions and rolls me over in a cradle hold with one of his arms behind my head and his other arm locks me up at the knees. Before I break away from his grasp I feel his stiffening tool pat against my firm left cheek, I counter him and climb upon his chest into an old fashion school boy pin with my knees alongside his chin. My hardened cock bounces against his chest just inches from his chin. Mike stares up at me as I straddle his oily chest. In a split second, he has his mouth around the head of my cock. I lean forward with pleasure as he slips his tongue and mouth over every inch of my solid member.

�Ummmm,� I hum as he takes my lengthening cock down. I continually raise and lower my prone body touching his mouth. My balls slap against his chin as he sucks my tool in ecstasy. Within moments and desires, I feel a pulsating tension growing inside of me. I begin to buck and fuck Mike�s mouth. Taking my balls in one hand, Mike pulls and strokes them till I cannot bear it anymore. Reaching up he grabs my oily chest and tugs my right nipple. �Owww, no�stop�no�uhm�no�don�t stop...yes�yes�yeah, yeah, now, now�NOW!� I cum up and arch my seamen over our oiled-down tarp.

Within a moment of settling down, I can hear Mike�s groan. As I roll off him, I notice that he has had one hand on his thick pole this whole time. As he displays his own rapture, I begin to massage his body and grope around his ass. As I begin to insert a finger (or two) into his tight, warm bum, Mike mutters a growing moan. I see this young stud display his hardened body for all to see as he jacks off with me. Rapidly, ropes of juice gushed out of Mike�s hard cock and he quivers and laughs in rapture.

Looking at this young stud, I am lost for words. Within a couple of beats, he looks up. �Ready for another swim?� When we rise up, we walk over to the pool, and together dive beneath the water. When we surface, we wrap our arms around one another and commence to appreciate our bodies together again. Mike begins, �That was fun.�

I follow, �And we�re done? Not so much.� Splash!

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