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Wrestling Colonel Story

Oil Wrestling Fight Story

Fly Goes Pro, Wrestling Story

Wrestling UFC Style Ass Kicking Story

Asian Guy Wrestling White Guy Story

Brothers Wrestling Story

Tag Team Minus 1 Aggressive Wrestling Story

Good ole' Boys Kickass Rassling

Backyard Muscle Wrestling Story

Dar vs Lin Headlock Wrestling Story

Wrestling Weekend Story

Ben vs Big Bear Wrestling Story

New Town Wrestling Buddy

The Cretin Fierce Wrestling

Hotel Muscle Wrestling Match

War Wrestling Story

Pro Wrestling Bear Story

Doug Wrestles Jason

Hotel Warriors Bloodbath

Muscle Bear Destruction

Mark Wrestles Jay

School Wrestling Story

Begging for mercy Wrestling sex story

Wrestlers Stripped Naked

Tag Team Wrestling

Redneck Wrestling Arena

Ringside Revenge

NY Stripped Nude Wrestling Match

Kev and Me Wrestling

Tall vs Brit in Wrestle Club

Wrestling Trio

Huge Wrestling Men Story


Restaurant Fight Story

Marine vs Ranger Brutal Fight Story

Dorm Fight Story

Fist Fight Story

Three Dudes Fist Fighting Story

Big Drunk Men Fist Fighting

First Fight Story

220# Big Man Fighter Story

Russian Bouncer Fight Story

Cathcing a Car Thief Fight Story

Street Fight Style Story

Fighting Contest Story

Training Rick Fight Story

Boy Toy Fist Fighting Story

Hot Beats Bump Fight Story

Bumps vs Hot Fight Story

Bumps Rematch Fight Story

Bumps, my fight with him!

Under Bridge Fight Story

Extreme Gay Cabin Brawl

Basketball Fight Stud

Arch Boys, Max Joins Fight

Arch Boys, Manny Fight Story

Arch Boys, Stone Fights

Arch Boys Janitor Fight

College Pledge Dorm Fights

Year 2036 Fight Story

Mic & Kai Street Fighters

Mick & Rusty Parking Lot Fight

more Parking Lot Fighters

Muscleboy vs Dock Worker Fight

Ass Kicking Gar Little Story

Snap Crackle and Fighter Story

Fight After School Story

Tome & Keving Fight Story

Bareknucks Fight Fighting

Rages Raging Fight Story

Interstate Fight, true story

In Line of Fire Fighting




Boxing Fight Story

Take Your Best Shot Fight Story

David Arm Wrestling Story

Boxing Cowboy Sex Fight

College Boxing Glove Fight Story

Boxing Autobiography Story

Twisting Steel Gut Punching Story

Private Boxing Match Story

Boxing Erotic Construction Worker

Boxing Club Fight Story

Boxing with Terry Story

Corner Man Boxing Story

Corner Men Rematch Story

Stones Sweaty Boxing Story

Andrews Boxing Story

Halloween Boxing

My first Boxing lesson knockout

Boxing Gym Match

Raging Hardon Boxing

Teds Boxing Lesson


Chucks Return pt 1 How it all Began!

Chucks Return pt 2 The Sparring Session

Chucks Return pt 3 The Confession

Chucks Return pt 4 Fighting Sparring Story

Chucks Return pt 5 Kick Fighting Story

Robin Boy Wonder Captured

Body Punching in Bed Story

Gut Punching Jim Story

Beer Gut Bill

Body Punching with Jason Story

Abs-olute Summer Workout

Solar Plexus Punch Story

College Stud Cock Fight Story

Arm Wrestling Sex Story

First to Cum Loses Oil Wrestling Sex Story

College Studs Cock Fighting Story

Jason Bodybuilder Gut Punching Story

British Novices Strength Test Wrestling Story

Fighting Poem

Wet Lifeguard in Pool Story

Confident Sex Wrestling Story

Hitchhikers Test of Strength Story

Sex Fight World Championship Story

Sports Bar Incident

Jasons Ride Along Punch Story

After Hours Beer Drinking

Golden Totem Fantasy Story


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