Wrestlers Asskicking Wrestling Story

Damn�my head is splitting�aww�fuck�where th� fuck,� Todd struggles to gain conscience as he staggers along the ropes. He wonders incoherently dragging his right handcuffed wrist down the middle rope. Over an hour ago, he and his twin brother, Rob, entered the ring as rookie participants in a private wrestling tournament. Had he known then what he feels now, he would have never signed up to compete for the $500,000 prize.

�Come on, Bro. With the winnings, we can open up our own private gym,� Rob reasoned two weeks prior. �You know that�s been our number one dream.�

Todd stared across the room at the mirrored image of himself. At 24, both were 220 lbs of solid competitive muscles. Standing between them often felt like being bookend by two blonde gods from Olympus; tan, smooth, physically powerful. �But we�ve never done anything like this. And who�s this Mr. Westinghouse? Guys just don�t show up asking people to compete in private matches everyday.�

�$500,000, Todd. $500,000,� Rob continued to plead, �we can have the business up and running in six months or less.�

Now in one of Mr. Westinghouse�s secluded airport hanger, Todd blurrily looks out to some twenty-five elite men, who catcall and berate from their exclusive chairs. The last thing he remembers is being held high over-head right before the pile driver was executed. �Damn, what th� fuck!�

As Todd turns his attention back into the ring, he sees that it is still in chaos. Four men are present. An insignificant, smaller man wearing a stripped shirt, parades about commentating more to the crowd than refereeing. Two huge mountains of mass that together easily weigh over 100 lbs on the twins alternate body slams on Rob, who lays out prone unmoving.

�Get �is legs there, Crusher!� a dark mammoth barks at his partner, who quickly rolls Rob into a seated rollup. �Das good, das good!� With Rob�s back exposed, Bash boots him several times across the lower back. Sweat flies off each man and they continue to inflict punishment on Todd�s brother. �We�s be havin� some fun now, huh?�

�STOP IT!� yells Todd.

Bash turns and marches across the ring. Clamping Todd�s jaw in his right hand, his scorching eyes burn into Todd�s face. �I sees ya up now. Are ya ready for more?� BAM! A fist comes down across Todd�s right shoulder knocking him down to one knee. �Just give us uh-sec. We�s almost through wich yo� brother.� Bash turns and stalks back to his partner who now has Rob in a seated sleeper hold. The referee lifts and drops Rob�s arm.

�Finish him! Take him out!� the crowd yells.

Rob lays flat in the far corner of the ring as the two powerful wrestlers go to work untying his bootlaces. Once the laces are free, they shuck off his boots and socks and tie each of his arms to the lower turn belt.

�More, more, more!� the privileged audience commands.

Bash and Crusher turning back to Rob hide all view with their huge size. After some obvious blows to the brother, they return to the center of the ring holding Rob�s trunks and jock in the air. Following the initial shock of silence, the crowd roars with approval. Bash and Crusher fling the articles into the crowd leaving Rob�s exposed body battered and bond in the corner.

Todd frantically pulls his handcuffs trying to free himself. When his colossal opponents advance upon him, Todd flies a fist into Crushers jaw and in turn kicks Bash in the knee. While both men falter slightly back, they come back more determined and intimidating. Bash grabs Todd in a headlock and tightens his 18-inch arm down hard. Crusher retrieves a key from inside his trunks and removes the handcuffs from Todd�s wrist.

�You sees that there,� Bash points Todd�s head to his brother. �That�s goin� ta be you in no time at all.� Bash quickens his pace as he pulls Todd across the ring towards the ropes. With increased momentum, he releases the headlock and pushes Todd into the ropes. Todd turns feeling the ropes resist against his weight and is flung back into Bash and Crusher�s double clothesline. As the referee mockingly insists on one man only, Bash moves back to one neutral corner as Crusher reaches down and pulls Todd up by the nap of his hair. In a mere second, Crusher leans into his opponent�s drooping body and lifts him into a fireman�s carry. While he parades Todd stretch body around the ring, he alternately drops to one knee sending a surge of pain up to Todd�s extended back. BAM�BAM�BAM! Todd�s teeth clinch with each assault. Holding Todd�s arm and leg, Crusher lifts his opponent high over his head to only drop him down on a knee backbreaker. Todd winces as heat and tightness rush into his lower back.

�You�re nothin�, little man. Nothin�!� Crusher barks down into Todd�s face. Using one arm against Todd�s chest and the other in his groin, Crusher presses the body down against knee. The formidable throbbing in his lower back compares little to the onslaught of agony Crusher places on Todd�s groin. Todd�s throat gags as his balls are being brutally manhandled by Crusher. Switching from vice to caress, Crusher leans in, �There�s only one way fer yo� and yur bro� to get out in one piece.� Crusher rolls his bewildered, slumped challenger face first off his knee and tags out with Bash.

Bash moves quickly in and body slams Todd across his back. Then the tyrant flips around and straddling Todd�s back and hooks his mighty arms beneath his opponent�s chest. As he raises Todd into a camel clutch, Bash staggers him closer to Rob�s passed out body. While Bash pulls back in the submission hold, Todd looks directly at his stripped brother. Pain surges through his back. Bash scoots them both closer and closer to Todd�s brother. �Yo� want it tah end! How much more kin yo� take?�

Sweat trickles down Todd�s face and burns his eyes. He is now inches away from his brother�s crotch and the scent of sweat and defeat is upon him. Crusher has joined the trio in the corner and grabs hold of Rob�s limp 7-inch cock. While he waves it around in Todd�s face, Crusher bargains, �Take it in yur mouth and th� pain will stop.� Bash tightens his hold under Todd�s arms and leans back. �Take it�TAKE IT!� continues Crusher.

For the first time, the audience rises to their feet. Everyone shouts along with Crusher. Tears mixed with sweat roll off Todd�s face as he nods consent. Bash slightly lowers his hold over Todd and Crusher places Rob�s cock into his brother�s mouth. The crowd roars with approval and leaves their seats for a closer look. Bash keeps his hold strong and motions for Crusher and the referee to switch places. As the referee excitedly holds and pumps Rob�s growing cock into Todd�s mouth, Crusher saunters to the back of the action where he takes hold of Todd�s trunks. In one yank, Crusher removes both trunks and jock, which are thrown out as prizes into the baited crowd.

Rob�s cock responds quickly to the attention Todd is giving to it. Todd gags on his twin�s growing member. Bash continues to loosen his hold to lower Todd closer and closer to his brother. Though unconscious, Rob�s body slowly moves and alters itself for pleasure. Bash looks back at Crusher, �It�s time I think.�

�Let�s get it over with!�

Bash releases Todd, who falls and chokes on the engorged dick in his mouth. Crusher bends down and takes the worn, tan stud by the hair and raises him up to a standing position. The crowd yells their disapproval and demand for the brothers to finish. With the naked stud between them, Bash and Crusher whip Todd into the side ropes where he thrashes back into their arms. They scoop him up in their arms only to release him in the high in the air to fall back to the mat. Todd lays motionless on the mat. As both wrestlers straddle and lift Todd into an exposed cradle, they carry him back over his brother. The referee greets them with Rod�s swelled cock stiff in his hand. As the crowd watches in awe, the immense wrestlers lower Todd down onto his twin�s shaft. Todd�s body trembles as his brother�s cock penetrates his ass. In a feast of strength unseen by any attending, the massive wrestlers slowly raise and lower Todd repetitively onto Rob�s hardening shaft.

The privileged stare in amazement as one blonde Adonis pierces the ass of his double. Without any aide, Rob�s cock seeks to satisfy the sensation on his dick and his body humps in anticipation as Todd is continually lowered. The ever-vigilant referee points out that Todd�s own member grows with desire. He quickly rushes around and strokes Todd�s engorged cock as it bounces with the perpetual movement.

�I�d think they�re �bout through,� mumbles Bash as he stares at Todd leaning his head back. Bash and Crusher finally lower Todd onto his brother�s cock keeping their hands on him for support. As Bash works Rob�s chest and nipples, Crusher pulls and tugs on Todd�s tightening balls. After a few moments Rob opens his eyes in wonder; and through his careless daze bucks up against Todd�shoving his dick further inside his brother�s hot ass. Todd can only respond by replacing the referee�s hand with his own and quickening his stokes on his cock. Both brothers are consumed in ecstasy as they writhe together in the corner of the ring. Rob is the first to moan out his release as he fills his brother�s ass with his juices. Todd swiftly follows as a rope of cum shoots out across the mat. The crowd goes wild as the young men fall broken but relieved in each other�s arms.

Two weeks later, Rob receives a letter and a check for $250,000 from Mr. Westinghouse. The letter shared his deep appreciation for the twins in participating in a match for his select clients. While they did not come out victorious in the match, many of the men are vying to see them compete again�possibly as opponents. Rob shares the news with his brother as they pose down in front of a full-length mirror. �I guess�but what could we do to top that first match?�

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