Sex Wrestling Buddy Story

......finally!! It was Saturday and I was supposed to go camping with Craig and two of his buddies. I hadn't really seen Craig, other than to wave at him, for three days. Conditioning for football had begun. So between that and my new job, I was keeping very busy.

But not a day went by that I didn't think of our first wrestling encounter. The score was Craig - 1 and TJ - 1. I almost looked stupid with this goofy smile I always had. I just couldn't help it. This was totally hot - better than anything I ever imagined when we first moved here.

My parents were more than delighted that I had already hooked up with some friends - who already invited me to go camping with them. Ahhh, if they only knew.

Everyone was to meet at Craig's house at 3:00. One of his friends, Nick,family owned a little hunting cabin by a lake about a half hour away. I was totally pumped. I was just praying that my "excitment" didn't manifest itself by way of a boner. "Guys, this is my new neighbor - and his boner, TJ". What a great impression that would be.

We would have to park the car and hike about a mile to the cabin. So, I was wearing some old basketball shorts, an old t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and some hiking boots. I was wearing my favorite Ohio State hat on backwards.

I made it to Craig's first - naturally. We smiled, shook, hands, and asked each other if each was ok after getting his ass kicked the other day.

Finally, Nick and the other guy, Brian, showed up. Brian was Craig's age and had just graduated from high school with him. Nick was Brian's best friend and .....oh shit. Nick is on my football team. We've been at conditioning together all week. Ah fuck. Now what. Well, maybe he won't recognize me.

No such luck. "Hey, you're that new guy ain't you?" "Yeah, that's me. I'm TJ."

So there we were. I'm telling you, I died and went to heaven. These two guys were HOT! All four of us were very close in weight and height. Perfect. It was very obvious that these two were no strangers to the gym.

About an hour later, we were finally there - at the lake. We had already unpacked and stood at the side of the lake in our swim suits. The site was fantasitc. Not another soul in sight. The lake was as blue and clear and you could imagine.

"Let's go!", someone shouted. At that, we all dove in. All four of us had great bodies. We were well built - great pecs, six packs, toned arms, and all smooth as baby's bottoms. "This can't be for real", I kept thinking to myself.

As it turned out, Craig was the biggest guy here. Nick and I were about identical, and Brian was about 5'11", 170 - but rock solid.

Before long, we had paired up and started to have chicken fights. I was with Craig. God he was muscled. He held me up out of the water like I was a rag doll. We won 6 out of 7 matches. Needless to say, we were mouthing off big time. "You pussies. Hey, why did we invite girls to come here?"

"Just wait till later," the other two kept saying. I could hardly wait - if what I was thinking was the same thing they were thinking.

We made up our way to the cabin. It was actually pretty big. Two big bedrooms and a huge-ass famiy room that was lightly furnished.

We fired up the grill and threw on the burgers and broke out the Mic-light. Oh what a night. These three guys were extremely cool and all had great personalities, were smart, were planning on going to college. We hit it off great.

Craig said, "Come on TJ, let's go split some wood for the bon fire later tonight and these guys will clean up and get things ready."

"Get things ready for what?", I asked. "Don't worry about it. Grab an ax."

After 90 minutes of splitting wood, my muscles burned. Both Craig and I had stripped off our shirts a long time ago. Our muslces shimmered in the setting sun. Finally, we made our way back to the cabin - but first we had to do a quick dip in the lake. We dove in and got right back out and headed up.

When I opened the door, Brian and Nick had arranged the whole family room into nothing but mattresses and cushions. There were four queen size mattresses on the floor along with two huge air mattresses and about eight cushions from the couches.

Nick spoke up first. "You little pussy boys ready to get your asses kicked?" "What about it new boy - wanna cry?"

"Sure bitches - bring it". That was all I could manage. My mine was racing. Was this going to be like it was when Craig and I were wrestling at his house and we both knew and appreciated what had happened between the two of us? Or, was I going to be the only guy supporting a woody the whole time. I never had control of the damn thing especailly when I was wrestling.

Immediately, Brian and Nick had stripped down to just their shorts. Craig and I followed suit. Craig and I went to one corner and the other two diagonal from us.

The rules were simple - you could never stand up, your partner had to stay in the corner until tagged and the only way to win was to make the other guy say "I quit". Oh, and if your partner quit, then it was two on one - so sad.

It was going to be Nick and me starting things off. We approached each other on our knees and locked up. Man this guy was strong. He had me in a side headlock and flipped me over the side of his hip. Nick was laying across my chest with a crushing headlock tightly applied.

After about 5 minutes of trying to break his grip to no avail, I brought my legs up and got his head into a head scissors and forced him backwards as hard as I could. He broke his hold and went flying to his back before he could react. I worked the scissors so that his head was more between my knees. And I squeezed. His tightly packed abs were moving up and down rapidly struggling to get air into his body.

I caught his left arm and put it in an arm bar and laid all the way down. "Arrrrgghh" was all he could muster. I was cranking up the pressure. Not much longer I thought. He'll quit soon. But he didn't. Instead of about 10 minutes of me squeezing and bending his arm to it's limits, he reached up and tweaked my nuts. "FUCK", I yelled as I let go of the scissors and arm bar. I curled up in the fetus position cupping my nuts. It took Nick a few seconds to do anything after that. He was trying to shake off the affects.

Both partners were shouting their encouragements and were anxious to participate. Nick crawled over to me, rolled me to my stomach, and sat on my lower back. He grabbed my head and lifted up and backwards as far as it would go. Thankfully, he didn't lock up my arms or he would of had me in a full blown camel clutch. Don't get me wrong, it still hurt like a bitch, but I don't know if I would have lasted for long had it been locked on.

He cranked on my head and I worked on his grip with one hand and was very slowly working my way to my corner to tag Craig.

After a few moments, Nick realized, too late what I had done. "Oh shit", he almost cried and scrambled like hell to get off me and get to Brian. As he was leaping off of me, I grabbed one of his ankles and tagged Craig with my free hand.

Craig was on him like a hungy lion on some poor antelope. I couldn't believe just how strong Craig was. He picked up Nick and laid him across his bent knee in a killer back breaker.

I was loving it. I loved watching this two muscled studs go at it. As Nick's whole body was stretched, his sweaty muscles were greatly defined. I was harder than ever - and trying to hide it. I wasn't sure yet about these other two guys yet.

"Are you bi or gay?" isn't one of the first things you ask guys the first time you meet them.

And now we make our way back to the middle of the "ring". Craig still has Nick in the back breaker but he refuses to say I quit. I'll give Nick that much, he's got a shitload of endurance.

And here we must stop for now. But not to worry. There will be another installment shortly. I really appreciate all of you who took the time to e-mail me your comments.



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