Wrestling Colonel Sex Fight Story

An call from my director came that I was to go on another assignment that would involve my language skills, translating, keeping a low profile. These assignments always involved being stuck with one or two military guys that were usually so busy impressing you, others or themselves with their testosterone levels that assignments were a pain. This assignment I later learned would involve an Air Force major, a Marine colonel, and myself.

I met them at my base at the assigned time and we traveled to a very exclusive Japanese resort and hotel. We understood that with the nature of the assignment we were not to be separated from each other during the entire time we were at the resort. The first day was filled with the normal meetings, briefings, de-briefings, and planning for the next day. It was a long day and we were all exhausted as we headed back to our room.

The colonel was not your typical officer but then again, neither was the major. Both seemed down-to-earth and genuine guys. They appreciated my abilities and my opinions. The colonel was typical marine in his tight haircut (a dirty blond color) and square facial features. The major was dark haired with a full head of hair and softer features.

We were assigned a Japanese tatami room that had three futons for us to sleep on. The first night we went up to the bath house that was part of the resort. I had to instruct both my military counter-parts on the Japanese bath house etiquette. We all washed and climbed into the scalding water to relax. There were a few Japanese nationals in the tub and we sat quietly returning to our room for an early sleep.

The next day following our meetings we all went to dinner and were much more relaxed because we had accomplished what we had been sent to do. Sake was flowing freely into our cups and we were all feeling very good about our accomplishments. I said, I had had enough to drink and needed to go relax in the tub. I went to the bath house, stripped down and took my stool to the small two foot high faucet and began to wash off. I noticed that the colonel was soon on my left and the major on my right.

I had always been attracted to men but had never acted on those desires. Both of my military friends were excellent specimen of our finest military physiques. The colonel though in his early 50�s had a very hairy six pack and was ripped. The muscles in his arms, legs, gluts, chest, shoulders and stomach showed years of physical training and discipline. The colonel had every inch of that beautiful body covered with a light strawberry blond fur with the exception of his back and shoulders. The major was very hairy not furry. He had long black hair that covered his chest, legs and arms but his belly, ass, and the rest of his body was smooth.

We all lathered off, rinsed, shaved, and washed our hair. We then went to the large tub and sat down to relax. I reminded them to enter slowly and to get out slowly because of the heat and the way it could make you light headed. Again, the colonel took one side of me and the major the other. We sat and visited about the events of the past two days, hometowns, hobbies and other trivia. Finally, I could not resist any longer and took a look at the colonel�s crotch. To my surprise there standing at military attention was a beautifully cut 7 inches. The colonel noticed my glance and asked, �Hey, what you looking at?� Realizing our high security clearance and the security involved in our assignment, I knew I had been caught and responded quickly, �Nothing. I was just twisting my neck.� The colonel then got a big smile on his face and said, �Bullshit you were twisting your neck. You were looking at this!� At which point he stood up with his hard cock right at my eye level. Then he said, �And I�m looking at one right there.� He then pointed to the major who I then noticed had a boner, also. I looked around the bath house quickly and noted that we were the only three in there.

The major stood up and took a hold of the colonel�s cock and the colonel grabbed his. They began to play with each others cocks massaging them and pinching each others tits. They were really enjoying each others rods and bodies. The entire time, I sat there in shock as to what I was viewing. Yes, by then my cock was an erect pole but I kept thinking about our security clearance interrogation. I loved watching these two extremely sexy and well built men enjoying each other sexually. Hearing some more bath house patrons entering the facility we quickly exited and returned to our room.

We no sooner got back to the room than the colonel had his cock hanging out of his trousers and the major was on his knees giving real military service. I sat down on my futon and got ready for bed stripping to my briefs. The colonel pulled off his clothing and was standing there in all his military excellence. The colonel�s body was swaying and undulating to the rhythm that the major was setting with his skilled mouth. The major started to strip his clothes off and rub his bulging package. He finally freed it and peeled away his clothing.

I sat there and totally enjoyed my first gay porno, only this one was live and in person. Soon, the major had his ass all ready for the colonel�s throbbing cock and the colonel took advantage and seized his opportunity. I sat and watched as the colonel kept thrusting his cock into the major�s tight ass and listened as the major moaned with pleasure and erotic satisfaction. I noticed the major�s erection bouncing against his tight abs with the rocking of his body to the acceptance of the colonel�s cock.

I realized that my hand had drifted to my throbbing cock and I was now gently rubbing it as I watched this very hot military attack. I could resist no longer and finally stripped my shorts and began to massage my cock and tickle my tits while rubbing my furry pecs and abs. I then saw the colonel had noticed my jacking off and had a big smile. He slowly pulled out of the major�s ass and came over to where I was sitting on the floor. He stood at attention right in front of my face and said, �Want some help with that?� Smiling into his square masculine face, I replied, �No, thanks. I need my security clearance.�

Then without warning, the colonel jumped and landed right on me. He started to wrestle with me and my only thought was, �what they hell is this guy doing?� I am considerably larger than he is and thought I would be able to defend myself quite well. Wow! I was wrong. He was built, strong, and very powerful. I knew he maintained his boner because I continually felt it as we grappled on the futons. My cock was oozing with pre-cum and I could smell the man smells of the major and the colonel�s own sweat. We continued to wrestle struggling for dominance and power when I felt a third person enter our frenzy. The major was now using his body to try to gain those holds that he desired in order to conquer his physical needs. There we were three very hairy, well built, muscular men all wrestling totally nude and enjoying every moment of it. The sweat and pre-cum were thick on our bodies as we continued to laugh, grab, kiss, poke, hold, and enjoy each other.

Finally, I found myself in a hold with no escape, (okay, I really didn�t want to and didn�t try to hard, either). I was being held flat on the ground with the major flat against my chest. His torso pressed right against mine and colonel was between our spread legs. The major had his chest flattened against my chest and began to play tongue hockey with me. It was at this moment I felt something I had never experienced. The colonel had my cock and the major�s cock in his mouth and was working magic on them at the same time. His hands massaging our balls as his mouth worked our throbbing heads in unison. The pleasure of the moment was only enhanced as the major began rocking his hairy sweaty body on mine while he enjoyed the close cock contact in the colonel�s mouth.

I shifted out from under the major and took the colonels man meat gently in my mouth. This being the first time I had ever had a cock in my mouth. I didn�t know what to do to bring him pleasure but patterned what the major was now doing to me while the colonel serviced him.

I was so aroused at this point that I pulled my cock from the major�s mouth and began to massage it. The colonel came and positioned his shoulders between my legs and asked the major and I to shoot all over him. The major and I rubbed our cocks together in mutual synchronized massaging until we shot cum all over that hairy six pack of the colonel, as he shot his own load all over himself.

That night, none of us slept. We continued to suck, jack-off, and enjoy manly physical contact. The next morning we needed to go back for another bath but unfortunately the bath house wasn�t open during the day.

We went back to our jobs and the colonel would occasionally find excuses to have me visit his office or to visit my office. The major returned state-side and I never heard from him again. I often wondered if they had enjoyed each other on other assignments or if it was just a spur of the moment�don�t ask don�t tell experience. It doesn�t matter because that was my first gay experience and one that I will always enjoy remembering. I now can not get enough of man2man physical contact, getting all sweaty while rubbing my body against another man�s naked body, or enjoying the sexual pleasure that another man can bring to another man. SEMPER FI.

If you enjoyed this story let me know. It is a true account of my first experience. Email kegamikuma@yahoo.com

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