Erotic Wrestling Trio Sex Fights Story

Kurt is gorgeous, with long blond hair. He is 6�, and 165. He has a boyish face and his skin is tanned. He knows he looks great and he is a tease. He uses this to his advantage with other wrestlers by taunting and teasing them, never allowing them to �own� him fully. Mark is 5� 10� and is 170 pounds. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and a well sculpted body. He very seldom loses. He is Kurt�s master and has taught Kurt most everything Kurt knows. Kurt has never beaten him mainly because Kurt likes to be fucked by Mark, and Mark likes to fuck Kurt. But even so, Mark is stronger and likes to dominate his opponent. Alan is 5� 10� too, but is the same weight as Kurt. Alan is well built and has dark hair. He is the less erotic of the three, but likes to dominate when given the chance. He is aware of Mark and Kurt�s affection for each other, he will have to divide and conquer if he is to win this one. Kurt is wearing red shorts. They are so short you can see his butt. Alan is wearing a jock strap and Mark is wearing a black thong. Mark likes as little on as possible and since he usually never gets beat, he doesn�t have to worry about getting fucked with his thong still on.

The rules are simple. It is cut-throat. The first two wrestlers are decided by a flip of the coin, then you may tag out with the third wrestler at any time. The guy who doesn�t come wins. No holds are barred, and at the first submission you must remove your briefs. At the second submission you must take the bottom, i.e., get down on all fours and let the other wrestler get on top and take the advantage. Just like regular wrestling. Otherwise, tit sucking, finger and cock fucking, french kissing, and all other submission holds are legal.

The first two wrestlers are Alan and Mark. This is good for Kurt, since he is the weakest of the three. He and Mark exchange kisses before Mark steps into the ring.

Alan and Mark face each other and size each other up. They have not met before so they are unsure what to expect. Alan makes the first move and tries to take out Mark�s leg, but he misses and both wrestlers are still circling. Once again, Alan shoots for Marks legs, but this time he goes full bore and ends up around Marks ankles on the mat and trying to tackle him. Mark escapes the attack and pounces on Alan�s back. Mark maneuvers around on top of Alan so he is cock to butt. Mark interlocks his feet around Alan�s ankles and widens his legs as far as possible. Mark is very limber and spreads Alan�s legs out beyond what Alan can stand. At the same time, Marks grabs Alan�s forehead with his right arm and pulls it back, balancing with his left hand on Alan�s back. Alan is unable to use his arms because he is using them to take some of the preassure off of the neck hold. Marks tightens the hold on Alan�s neck. Pulling back with small bursts of tension to add just that extra amount of pain. Mark now releases the leg hold to get a better angle on the neck hold. Now he is sitting on Alan�s butt and pulling back on his neck with both arms. Alan is in pain, but does not submit. Mark is relentless, now jerking Alan�s neck and bobbing on Alan�s butt. Alan is unable to break free and Mark is contented to hold that pose forever. Alan finally gives in and submits. Mark gets up, but before Alan is able to take his jock off, Mark takes it off for him by grabbing the straps and lifting Alan up until the straps rip. He then finishes the job by pulling the jock down Alan�s legs and off. Alan is even slower now to get up. Mark, smelling an easy victory, resumes the neck hold. Mark is now punishing Alan and Alan is powerless to stop him. Kurt is hard as he is watching Mark beat the shit out of Alan is such a short time and with such ease. He is aching to get in so he can get his shots in on Alan.

Mark continues to punish Alan with the hold. Suddenly, Mark releases it. Alan is face down on the mat struggling to just get up on one elbow. Mark takes Alan by the hair and pulls him up to his knees. Alan�s arms are motionless by his side, offering no resistance. Mark kneels down next to him with his knee behind his back and forces him over his knee. A reverse backbreaker. Now Alan�s thighs are being stretched in addition to his back. Mark pushes Alan�s chin back and starts to work on Alan�s cock. He is pumping is and bending it in the opposite direction of his chin. Alan is hard and beaten. Mark made quick work of Alan. He literally throws Alan up off of his knee. Mark gets up and tags Kurt.

Alan is face up on the mat. Naked and hard. Kurt, the tease, circles Alan, taunting him as if to show him he could do anything right now but just can�t decide, when suddenly he does a drop elbow on Alan�s chest. Alan reacts in pain. Kurt lays on Alan�s chest for a moment, rubbing Alan�s left tit. He gets up and does another drop elbow then staying and rubbing the same tit. Working it, pinching it. He does another drop, and another and another. Savoring each one. He does another drop and then begins to suck Alan�s tit. Kurt takes his time then mounts Alan and holds his arms down to the mat above his head. He gets closer and closer to Alan�s face. Alan is trapped. Kurt licks Alan�s face. His tongue is long and he just uses the tip to run it up along Alan�s cheek. First the left side, then the right. Alan can feel the heat of Kurt's breath on his face. Then Kurt buries his tongue in Alan�s mouth. Alan is now trying to breath and so is using every last drop of energy to get away, arching his back trying to throw Kurt off his stomach. Kurt finishes the tongueing and immediately Alan relaxes. Kurt then gets up and rolls Alan over. He walks over and tags Mark.

As Kurt is getting out of the ring, Mark grabs Kurt by the waistband of the shorts and pulls him back in the ring. Mark picks Kurt up by the body, his right arm under Kurts crotch and his left arm over his shoulder, and body slams Kurt to the mat. Before Kurt can react, Mark does an elbow drop to Kurt�s chest and gives him an elbow to the chest once more for good measure. Mark�s ambush worked. Kurt didn�t know what hit him. Mark, lifts Kurt back up by his long blond hair and body slamms him again. He picks him up again and this time does a pile driver, now Kurt is writhing on his back on the mat with no strength to fight back. Mark gives Kurt one last foot stomp to his stomach and Kurt loses his wind. He buckles over, gasping for air.

Mark then walks back over to Alan who had, in the meantime, crawled over to the ropes and pulled himself up to his knees and leaning in the ropes for support. Mark is clearly in charge of both fighters. Mark tells Alan to get up. Alan lunges at Mark�s feet hoping to bring him down to the mat. Mark is taken by surprise and falls to the mat but quickly recovers with a head lock on Alan. Twisting the hold to work more on Alan�s neck. Mark begins to stand up taking Alan with him. Both wrestlers are now standing, Mark still with a head lock on Alan. Mark gets Alan's head between his legs, and lifting him by the torso, sets Alan up for a pile driver. Down he goes and Alan is limp and twisted on the mat. Mark takes Alan by the hair and stands him up. With his arm under Alan's crotch, he lifts him up and drives Alan's back into his knee. He holds him there, pinching his tit with his right hand and stretching his cock with the other. He finishes off the back breaker with an elbow to the gut. He throws Alan off and gets up to do a few knee drops to Kurts mid section as Kurt tries to regain his strength. Mark then goes back to Alan. To finish off the work. A second submission by Alan at this point is moot. Alan is completely at Marks mercy. Mark gets Alan onto his knees and moves behind him. He has Alan in a sleeper. Alan�s hand reaches back to try to find something to get Mark with, then his hand finds Mark�s ass and quickly finds his anus. Mark responds by tightening the hold. Alan, only temporarily detracted, begins now in earnest of plunging his finger through Mark�s thong into his anus. Mark releases his grip and uses both hands to withdraw Alan�s hand. By this time Kurt has recovered and has come over to the wrestlers.

Kurt gets in front of Mark and restrains Mark�s arms. Mark is being double teamed now. Alan is messaging Mark�s anus and now with his other free hand is beginning to tear away at Mark�s thong in the front. Kurt has Mark fully restrained now from the front. Alan takes off the thong and now Mark and Alan are naked. Mark is not giving in easily and is wrestled to the ground by Alan and Kurt. Kurt ends up on top of Mark and Alan quickly scrambles around to where Marks arms are. Alan holds down Mark�s arms with his knees while Kurt stays seated on Marks stomach and reaches behind and finds Marks cock. He begins pumping. Mark is still putting up a fight, but as Kurt pumps, Mark becomes less and less resistant. Alan lets go of Marks arms and they are motionless. Mark is close to coming. He gets up and Kurt gets off of Mark, now gently messaging the head of Mark�s cock. Alan takes Kurt�s hand off of Marks� cock. They roll Mark over. Alan gets on first. He applies the same camel clutch to Mark. Pulling Mark's head up and back with all of his strength. Kurt kneels in front of Mark and taunts Mark with his cock, slapping him in the face as Alan pulls tighter and tighter. Alan is regaining some strength now and begins to ride Mark like a bull. Bouncing on his butt and adding more force to the stretch.

Alan gets off Mark and tags Kurt. Kurt, still in his thong and with a rare opportunity to whip Mark, does drop after drop to Marks back. Alan is dancing around the ring like an ape smelling the blood of the kill. Kurt knees Mark's back over and over. Then Kurt, mocking Mark, spanks him telling him to get up and fight like a boy. Kurt tags Alan. Alan and Kurt drag Mark over to the ropes and hang Mark between the top and middle rope so he is suspended and hanging there. His cock limp, his abs exposed. Each wrestler takes turns one after the other, getting there lick in on Marks abs. His six pack is being dented. Kurt uses his knee, Alan his fist. kurt another knee. Alan his shoulder. And so on at will against the once dominating Mark. Kurt plays with Mark by putting his tit in is mouth and rubbing it around his face. While Alan begins to message Mark's cock, getting it harder and harder. Alan squeezes Marks balls mercilessly and begins finger fucking him again. Mark is now tensing and about ready to come when Kurt tells Alan to stop.

He stands Alan up and, in front of Mark, begins making out with Alan. Alan reponds and the two wrestlers taunt Mark, laughing, while feeling each other out.

then Alan knees Kurt in the gut. And as Kurt bends over in surprise, Alan stamps on his back, sending him to the mat. Alan gets on Kurt's back and pulls Kurts legs up. Kurt's back is being stretched. Alan stomps on Kurt's back for good measure. Mark is unable to help. Alan pulls Kurt into the middle of the ring and by his legs, flips him over on his back. Alan stomps on Kurts inner thigh. Once, twice, three times, four. Alan pulls off Kurts thong and walking over to the ropes, uses it to strangle Mark for a few minutes. He goes back now to Kurt and picks him up to his feet by his hair. He whips him into the ropes, Kurt rebounds into Alan's knee. Bent over in pain, Kurt is whipped into the ropes again, and this time alan shows his agility and does a drop kick on Kurt. Kurt is laid out flat. Once again, alan takes Kurt to his feet and this time whips him into the ropes where Mark is. Kurt crashes into Mark with the desired effect...both wrestlers are reeling once more. Kurt is now laying near Mark who is still suspended helplessly in the ropes. Alan kicks both wrestlers alternately. Alan's strength is back to full and he can feel the wind being driven from the lovers. Kurt, now naked, is lifted once more to his feet. Alan bends him over between his legs and gives Kurt a pile driver. While Kurt is writhing, Alan does a drop kick to Mark's mid section. Alan moves to Kurt once more who is on his back, and bends Kurts legs up over his head. Alan moves on top of Kurt pinning his legs up and around his head. Kurt is gasping for air. Alan spits into Kurt's anus, and works the spit into it slowly and methodically. He has plenty of time. Mark is out of commission and Kurt is unable to move. Kurt is hard as a rock now and will come with the slightest encouragement. Alan shoves his finger into Kurts anus and finger fucks him. Slowly, with each push he goes deeper and deeper. Spanking, fucking, pinning. He keeps this up for a while, Kurt's groaning only pushing him on to punish. suddenly he releases and Kurt is flat out before him. With one hand on Kurts chest, with a sure pin, and the other pumping Kurt's cock, Kurt comes in no time at all.

Alan gets up with one final stomp to Kurt's chest. He picks Mark up by his hair and releases him from the ropes. He lifts him up and lays him above the turn buckle, spread out over the top ropes in the corner. Alan gets onto the bottom rope, putting him above Mark's midsection. Two elbows to the abs ensure Marks done. The strong one is vanquished and unable to find the strength to return. He has been dominated by both wrestlers and taunted psycologically by both wrestlers. Alan grabs marks pecs and squeezes the life out of them. Mark winces. Mark is laid out on the turnbuckle again, cock growing, arms limp above his head. His abs are smooth and exposed. His strong muscles only for show. alan touches Mark all over his chest, abs, and legs, as if to absorb every last bit of strength from them. It seems to be working as Mark gradually relaxes more and more. Alan pushes Mark's head back, Mark arches his back reacting to the pain. Alan gently messages Mark's g-spot on the head of his cock. He doesn't pump, just gently messages. Lightly, and continually. Mark is tensing and breathing very hard. His muscles, whatever strength was is them is now being drawn out his cock, as Alan still slowly messages the small area on the cock. He continues to push his head back,arching Marks back. In what seemed to Mark, like an eternity, he finally shoots himself in the face. An explosion he wasn't expecting this night, as Alan found a way to divide and conquer and beat the two lovers at their own game. he releases his hold on Mark and Mark tumbles to the mat, limp and beaten.

Alan celebrates in the middle of the ring over Kurt, by lifting Kurt up to his knees and shoving his cock in Kurt's mouth. He makes Kurt take all of his cock in his throat, Kurt gags some. then Alan shoots his into the back of Kurts throat. He is the winner.

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