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40,000 Webcam Shows and 800,000 Image Archives

To begin, you must have a password protected area on your website. We will provide you with portal access to put inside your members area allowing your users to view our exclusive shows and galleries free of charge in return for our members having access back to your content! We provide you with thousands of video feeds, 50 live channels and 800,000 image archive galleries produced and shot by us! We shoot new content around the country EACH WEEK!

Q= is anyone entering from outside a firewall?
A= NO, everyone who is inside our members area is an adult who has paid with a credit card. ONLY password protected member sites are allowed to participate and must have their own exclusive content to trade.

Q= will my bandwidth go up by letting others come into my members area?
A= while additional traffic will be entering your members area it is important to remember that your members will have a ton of new content which will be using OUR bandwidth... this actually REDUCES your sites bandwidth

Q= will anyone be re-selling memberships to my members?
A= NO, a strict rule is we will NOT tease your members with preview shows or galleries then ask them to pay. We in turn ask the same.

You are however, allowed to sell videos and chat upsells via video shows. These are not considered skimming memberships as long as the members actually get something erotic and fun to watch in that specific area. An example is we stream all our 900 videos in live cams but below each live show is a link to buy the DVD if they prefer.

Q= any other benefits of participating?
A= Yes, if you have video tapes and would like them streamed in your own website channels we will do it for you FREE using our bandwidth and servers. We will rotate the tapes each day and provide a BUY THIS VIDEO link to your video pages so people can order from you. You get 100% of the video sale. If you do not have a video order page, or would like to remove yourself from the hassles of packaging and shipping we can do it all for you at a VERY reasonable price. Ask for quotes.


Ready to begin? email us and ask for portal access. Please include the website where you plan to use our content and a password to verify security.