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Slater_Jackson - Seattle Washington
Overselling Himbo Jobber type looking for Jobber tag team mates and monster heels. I know my way around the ring, but always enjoy being the Jobber in a hot and fun private hotel match against a heel or two. Piledrivers, sleepers, bearhugs, boston crabs

Pandamonium - Massachusetts
I'm Pandamonium and look forward to wrestling all you guys soon. Coming to NYC in late February! Dominant wrestler in Boston, MA, UA. Come wrestle me and follow me!

SneakerBuddy - California
Looking to wrestle with other guys into gear. Gear: sneakers, socks, singlets, hit me up.

AzSundude - Louisiana & Arizona
Greetings, Looking for matches, open to type and style. I prefer play type over hard core wrestling.  I travel so I could be in your town.

epj303 - United Kingdom
don't be afraid. anyone in london? can travel. fan of strength test.Gym 5times a week. :) I am in Europe,  Ireland, France, Germany UK, Switzerland, Netherland. I'm looking for new friends, looking for all, wresttle, lift&carry, strength test. haven't preference, it's better to contact me. pretty open. 2-2015

jamfir12ba - California
A normal guy who wants to get into wrestling.2-2015

befrombigd - Texas
Big guy who likes sweaty matches.  I will consider all kinds of wrestling matches as long as no one truly gets hurt. Looking for friends on this site where we have similar interests. Welcome other activities, hanging out without wrestling as well.2-2015

Big_Mack - California
Enjoy wrestling for fun and exercise. Into safe & sane pro style matches with lots of back & forth action and multiple pin attempts to make it fun for both of us. Can heel or job if that is your preference. Bearhugs and Sleepers are my specialty. 2-2015

BayWrestler - California
Looking for fit, aggressive, fighters between 18 and 40 in great shape, ready to go for it. Now able to host, with 10'x10' regulation mats!. California wrestlers. let me hear from you! Have wrestled numerous times for various video companies. For real here, looking to tangle.2-2015

Daldog - Texas
Beginner into wrestling for workouts n fun. 5'9, 210, n2 competitive with guys my size/level, wrestlin for fun and training with bigger or smaller. 2-2015

chicagocroix - Illinois
Especially looking for guys who enjoy using pressure points, nerveholds, sleepers and claws. I am 110% jobber here. Guys with martial arts experience is great too.

wrestlemh - Oregon
married guy who loves to wrestle for fun. Not out for injuries but to have fun.2-2015

jobber4u - Rhode Island
Big fan of old school wrestling, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Always wanted to be a jobber, but never had the opportunity... or maybe I should say was too shy and intimidated to try. Think I am ready to try it now, a total squash match. 2-2015

J2 - California
Love to roll around, slap holds on one another. Beginner to intermediate guy looking for other guys to wrestle around. always fun and competitive!2-2015

Been a wrestling BodyBuilder fan all my life. Looking for guys with similar interest. am working myself into muscle shape as we speak started at 290 in December 2007, am down to 240 now and working on 220's by the end of summer 2-20

sqfig4 - Oklahoma
Checking out site to find some fun wrestling buds if possible. Sub matches are  my favorite prefer to be punished but can be very competitive and dish it out

mask_mi - Michigan
I am looking for wrestlers who are looking for a match! Safe and Sane!! I am OPEN on all styles and gear. From Speedo to Super Hero suits. I like dirty moves, boxing, jobber vs heel safe and same. 2 on 1. Drop me a line and i can tell you more  2-2015

KuboR - Japan
I am Asian jobber who loves pro wrestling, pro fantasy, pro gear, sportswear, 2-on-1, grabbing, rip-strip, etc. Like to job but also will heel for right wrestler.
SAFE AND SANE wrestling only. I live in Tokyo. 2-2015

FlexWrestler - California
Into sub/pro, or give/take muscle/posing, strength tests/gear 2-2015

ParagonTO - Canada
looking for some good matches in the Toronto area. I also frequently travel to London, ON and Kingston, ON and searching for guys to kill time with while I am on the road. I am into submission matches. I like jobber/ heel style matches as well as competitive and practicing holds. 2-2015

ManmanNYC - New York
NYC guy 5'8' 185lbs, smth-musc-masc into Easy, give-n-take wrestling/pro-wrestling for  fun.no longer able to wrestle aggressive-competitive, but still like to feel the holds, new bionic hip 2-2015

ProFantasyLatino - New York
I'm a pro style wrestler in NYC looking for pro fantasy matches. Love jobber/heel scenes, classic pro roleplay, one sided squashes. I get into the full scene, ring entrances, intros, trash talking, full gear with jackets and robes, naive jobbers waiting in the ring as the heel comes down the aisle 2-2015

HornyHank69 - North Carolina
Test of strength and agility in various ways, including arm wrestling, mercy, strip, NHB submission wrestling. This is for FUN and WITHOUT injury;  ALWAYS SAFE! If you're ready to put your ass on the line, get back with me for a match. 2-2015

HouTXBrawler - Texas
I would like to meet men into pro rasslin. I love sweaty matches in trunks and more 2-2015

ruffguystuff - New Mexico
into aggressive ruff sweaty times, love grappling, body boxing, gut punching or pec pounding sessions, bd/sm 2-2015

idhToronto - Canada
Wrestling teddy bear with lots of gear and place to get it on! Into many styles also have a large collection of wrestling videos! 2-2015

Younger4Older - New Mexico
Smooth, mature, gl, muscled men to the front of the line! 2-2015

noweighout2002 - Minnesota
love to pound on some jobber. enjoy the look and look forward to punishing and taking some punk 2-2015

supaboi - New Zealand
Very keen on wrestling, especially with smooth, muscle dudes. Love to flex bodies.  Have own place for wrestling 2-2015

OilingUp - Australia
Straight male with strong desire for man to man action briefs and oil  Then see how it goes I like muscular tall men smooth and who  enjoy oil too! 2-2015

BY85 - Florida
More into being a jobber I would say. Very amazed at all the guys on this site. Would enjoy meeting up with some new faces and learning as much as I can

BuiltBod - Jew Jersey
mature muscular athletic guy looking for some hot sweaty wrestling action with other in shape wrestlers of any age
mature, muscular, athletic, hotguy, wrestling, wrestlers, fitness, instagay, picoftheyday, photooftheday, hotjocks, muscleman, musclejock, gaydaddy, gaymuscle, rutherford, newjersey 1-10

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